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Léopold Flameng
La Source
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

George W. Wilson
Pulpit and Quadrangle, Magdalen College
1870 – 1880
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French (culture or style))
Renee Mauperin: Renee and her Father Sitting in the Porch of the Church at Morim
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection

Godart Bros.
Cass Crab and Lobster Hotel, Ventnor, Isle of Wight
1881 – 1891
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond

Jane C. Stanley
Malcesine, Lago di Garda
1863 – 1940
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A large, Gothic ruin dominates the scene.  The west portal of a large church stands with full light, from the left, illuminating its portal.  Along its second story ivy grows across the facade while trees cluster in the L-shaped angle toward the right and other vegetation is evident along the roofline of the structure.  Several women enter through the main doorway of the building.  A stone wall encircles the structure and two houses occupy the land immediately to the left of the church ruin.  In the foreground a lane leads past the church with a man leading a black horse and a running hound  in the right foreground, and a figure with its back to the viewer is visible at the left foreground.  Behind the scene, dark, wind-swept clouds indicate a recent storm that has now passed, allowing golden light to suffuse the landscape.
James Ward
Tintern Abbey
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern

Clarence John Laughlin
The Enigma
1941 – 1973
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund
Photograph of a single strand of ivy clinging to an architectural support.
Minor White (American (North American))
1964 – 1975
Museum Purchase

Simon Marsden
Moydrum Castle, County Westmeath, S. Ireland
20th century
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art

H. Phillips
Winchester Cathedral Castle Ruins
1845 – 1855
Gift of Howard and Margaret Bond
This print is a still life etching of a potted plant. The foreground shows the top of the table on which sits a large plant with five-pointed star-shaped leaves and a seed-pod shown as a cluster of small circles.  There are patches of different tones of olive green throughout the print.
Georges Braque (French (culture or style))
Le Lierre
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection

James Valentine
Castle Heidelberg
1865 – 1875
Gift of W. Howard and Margaret Bond