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Three figures, two men and a woman, are seen seated around a round table with a lamp; all are engaged in reading in the pool of light provided by the lamp. The rest of the interior is fairly dark, particularly in the portion of the room behind the lamp. The man at the back of the table is shown roughly face-on; the man to the left is leaning back with his legs stretched out in front of him; the woman is closest to the viewer, shown in profile, holding her book fairly close to her face.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Music Room
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
An old woman in a white cap sits in a cluttered interior. Positioned just inside the doorway, the woman is surrounded by piles of cloth with domestic objects on shelves and walls that gleam in the darkness.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
La Vieille aux Loques
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Interior view of a church with numerous hanging chandeliers and pendant lamps, along with classical architectural elements. 
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Église de la Nativité, intérieur—Church of the Nativity, interior
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
A color photograph of a group of children and a cat at a table. Each child engages with something in the room, which is in an organized disarray. Egg shells fall from the table to the floor, toys are strewn about, and an infant and cat sit in the middle of the table.
Julie Blackmon
Birds at Home
Gift from the Collection of David S. Rosen MD, MPH
The image is divided in to two main halves.<br />
The top half is divided in 3, and the bottom half divided in 6. All the divided spaces, except for the lower right corner contain a human figure. In the top half the two outer figures face inward toward the central figure who is seated on a panel slightly above them. The central figure is yellow, with out clothing, on a red background outlined with an olive green border. The figure to the left is cream colored without clothing on a pinkish background. While the figure to the right is clothed in red on a green background.<br />
The figures in the lower half carry shields and various weapons. The dominate colors in each of the 6 sections rotates between green, blue, red and yellow.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Sirohi School
Digambara Jain manuscript page: Jina venerated by a monk, raja, and warriors
18th century
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel

Utagawa Sadahide
A True View of Shops in Yokohama (part of a triptych)
1833 – 1866
Museum purchase for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
The scene takes place in a dark interior room, seen from the street. The rough stone of the doorway frames a seated woman and a young boy standing nearby. In addition to light illuminating the interior from the street, there is a recessed window niche along the left wall of the room.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Rag Pickers, Quartier Mouffetart, Paris
Museum Purchase
A young woman at the left stands at the threshold of a stone doorway; in the interior beyond her, a woman in a white cap is preparing a jar at a desk or counter. Above the desk is a row of jars on a shelf.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
La Marchande de Moutarde, one of the "Twelve Etchings from Nature," or the "French Set"
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This photograph depicts a view outside of a window. On the windowsill is a scattering of dead flies. In the field outside a flock of sheep grazes.
Alen MacWeeney
Flies in the Window, Castletown House, Ireland
Gift of Carl W. Melcher
Interior view of a bedroom with chests of drawers and a dressing glass mirror.
Walker Evans (American (North American))
Bedroom, Fisherman's House, Nova Scotia
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Lunn, Jr., in Honor of the Centennial of The Michigan Daily
This engraving depicts a comfortable domestic interior. An old bearded man sits poring over a book at table in the back of the room. A lion and dog rest on the floor in the foreground. Various other objects appear around the room, including a skull, books, slippers, a crucifix, and a pair of scissors.
Albrecht Dürer
St. Jerome in His Study
Gift of the Estate of Beatrice Bishop Berle
At the center of the image, this print shows a yellow clock with white face on a yellow wall. The clock is outlined in thick black likes and the face has black-colored hands and dashes. The print is signed in pencil (l.r.) "Patrick Caulfield AP".
Patrick Caulfield (British (modern))
Crying to the walls: My God! My God! will she relent?
Gift of Jack A. and Noreen Rounick