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Albrecht Altdorfer
Maxmilian and the Knights of St. George Vowing a Crusade against the Turks
1480 – 1538
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A composition with a heraldic motif: a rooster standing on top of a helmet with visor and throat guard, below which is a sheld or other carving with a rampant lion. Surrounding on either side is vigorous foliage (acanthus leaves).
Albrecht Dürer
Coat of Arms with the Cock
1498 – 1508
Museum Purchase
Carved wooden figure of a soldier. The general shape is cyclindrical and elongated on the vertical axis. The helmet, uniform, and gun are styled after WW2 era armaments.  The jacket, gun, and face are detailed.
Kamba (Kamba)
Soldier figure
1900 – 1983
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Horace M. Miner
Manual laborer with protective headgear working below ground.
Minor White (American (North American))
Museum Purchase
A photograph of a nude man sitting on a bed, his back turned toward the viewer. Cloth drapes over the end of the bed, curtains drape over the walls, and a battle helmet sits at his feet. 
McDermott & McGough (American (North American))
Valpinçon Bather
1988 – 1994
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
Naturalistic cow’s head of carved from wood with eyes cut from the bottoms of glass bottles. Natural cow horns are attached. Head is predominantly black with white triangle on forehead, red pigment surrounding eyes, red in interior of ears, white chin, and white dots on cheeks and in red ground around eyes. Horns are white, tipped in black; a fiber cord runs through its nostrils and around back of head.<br />
Bijogo (Bijogo)
Mask (vaca bruto, dugn'be type)
1925 – 1975
Gift of Avery Z. Eliscu

Hibberd V. B. Kline
Team Work Wins - United States Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corporation
1917 – 1919
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Text: (above) Distributed By World Film Corporation - &quot;Uniti Per Una Pace Vittoriosa&quot; - (main) Third United States Official War Picture - Under Four Flags - Presented by Division of Films Committee on Public Information - George Creel, Chairman - Taken By The Official Photographers of the Allied Armies
Philip Martiny
Under Four Flags - Third United States Official War Picture
1913 – 1923
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons

Max Beckmann (German (culture or style))
Der Traum Vom Krieg, plate X, from 'Day and Dreams'
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
A study sketch of the heads of men along the top right side and a pair - a man and the devil - smoking in the bottom left corner.  The men on the right are all helmeted in different syles of helmet with pointed faces.  The man in the bottom corner is dressed in 17th century dress and reclining with legs outward while smoking.  The devil figure is hard to discern, but appears to be a standing gargoyle-like figure in the distance.  Clouds of smoke surround them.
George Cruikshank
Studies of Nine Male Helmeted Heads and a Man Smoking with a Devil
1825 – 1878
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
On a vertically-oriented page, with printed image extending to the borders of the page, there are various scenes and images combined together. There are two main registers. On the bottom, there is a collaged image of a woman putting on lipstick at the beach, and the rear end of a classic car to the right. To the left, there are two smaller frames: on top there is an urban street scene collaged with demolished cars, and on the bottom there is a single scene of a fashion office orstudio with three women. In the top register, there are four main frames. On the right, the largest scene in the print, there is an image of a soldier with a handgun collaged with an image of a small child with a soldier's helmet on his head. The boy holds a bucket. To the left, there are three smaller images, each showing a man and a woman in varying degrees of fancy dress. The overall scene is printed in a vibrant orange color.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (British (modern))
Pig or Person, it's the same, Fortune plays a funny game
1965 – 1970
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick