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Wang Duo (Chinese (culture or style))
1620 – 1652
A silk hanging scroll with images of members of a pantheon of gods.
Tibetan (Tibetan (culture or style))
Tibetan Thangka Hanging Scroll
Vertical hanging scroll of calligraphic text consisting of five Chinese characters in black ink, with artist signature and seal.  One of a pair.
Chen Shu-chen
Calligraphy, One of a Pair
1975 – 1999
Bamboo leaves are rising from the bottom left corner of the hanging scroll. There is a signature and two seals in the top left corner of the hanging scroll and another seal in the bottom left corner. There is a green border surrounding the hanging scroll.
1750 – 1785
On this hanging scroll, there is a single stem of bamboo, it's darker at the bottom and then fades as it reaches the top. Surrounding the stem are a few leaves. The border of the paper is solid brown. To the bottom left of the stem is a signature and seal of the artist.
Hanabusa Itchō
1700 – 1732
Depicted in this painting is a black bird perched on a branch. The bird is painted in the center and slightly to the left. It is looking towards the bottom right of the scroll. The branch comes from the left side of the scroll. The scroll is framed with a brown and yellow silk border which has a cloud design.
Kanō Naonobu
Black Bird on a Branch
1600 – 1649
One of six hanging scrolls in a series depicting the landscape of Ali Mountain, trees and hillside are shown below calligraphic text.  The artist uses alternating wet ink washes for the misty clouds and dry flying-brushes for the large pine trees
Chang Ku-nien
Ali Mountain Based on Sketches - 6
A scene of geese in pond and on sandbars. The geese are congregated in the lower left hand side of the painting, as are most of the reeds growing from the sand bars. Some geese can also be seen flying in the middle of the painting, though they are not as prominent. Five lines of calligraphy are lcoated in the upper right of the painting.
Chang Ku-nien
Geese Landing on Sandbars
1975 – 1999
Idaten is depicted here, fierce, standing on clouds.  His garments blow in the breeze, and a halo showing his power and godliness encircles his head.
Yamawaki Tōki
The Deva Idaten
1800 – 1839
In this hanging scroll, Rosetsu depicts an owl perched on a rock in front of a large moon hanging low in the sky. The soft washes and quick brushstrokes used in the image create an overall sense of airiness, but maintain a clear sense of naturalism in depicting the owl's anatomy. 
Nagasawa Rosetsu
Owl and Moon
1780 – 1799
Japanese hanging scroll depicting the mountain and river view.
Utagawa Sadahide
Scene at Hachiman Hill
1825 – 1875
Japanese hanging scroll depicting the view of the old Japanese town and scenery.
Utagawa Sadahide
Scene at Hachiman Hill
1825 – 1875