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Adriaen Jansz van Ostade (Dutch (culture or style))
The Peasant Paying his Reckoning
1647 – 1653
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

Hosoda Eishō
Hana-ogi of Ogiya Going into the Country
1767 – 1799
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Gordon Grant
Waiting for the Tide
20th century
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

François Boitard
An Offering to Pan
1670 – 1715
Museum Purchase

Adriaen Jansz van Ostade (Dutch (culture or style))
Le Ménétrier et le Petit Vielleur; Le Violon et le Petit Vielleur (The Fiddler and Hurdy-gurdy Boy)
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

St. Pierre Cathedral
1852 – 1861
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This print portrays a lively interior scene in the 17th century Dutch Republic. There are many figures around the large room, including men, women, and children. At the far right a man tries to embrace a resisting woman. Beside them, a man and a woman dance while a fiddler plays and others look on. On the left, a woman tends to a child as behind her a couple descend a wooden stairway from an upper floor. There are items such as cured meat, a lantern, a chair and laundry, hanging around this room.
Adriaen Jansz van Ostade (Dutch (culture or style))
La Danse au Cabaret (Villagers Merrymaking at an Inn)
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

Jacques Mauny
Three Figures
1892 – 1934
Museum Purchase

Charles Parrocel
A Group of Cavalrymen
18th century
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein

Al Blaustein (American (North American))
Sumo Bath House
Gift of Herbert Barrows
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