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Untitled (portrait)
Gift of Herbert Barrows
This is a black ink print on a cream colored background, filled with images of human heads.The upper portion contains a multitude of facial profiles with various features and expressions. At the bottom, there are seven men, depicted larger than the others and text at the bottom of the page identifying the figures on the left as "Characters" and the ones on the right as "Caricaturas". Between the fifth and sixth figures there is a simple line drawing of a face. Another line of text reads: " For a Farther Explanation of the Difference Betwixt Character and Caricatura See ye Preface to Jo. Andrews".<br />
William Hogarth
Characters and Caricatures
Gift of Ellen Perley Frank for the collection of Ralph E. Shikes
This print shows a close-up of the eyes of a human face with a bird perched on its head, both of which seem to be encased in a large, furry coat, hat, or tree.
Leonard Baskin (American (North American))
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Stone

Edmond-François Aman-Jean
Portrait of Mlle. Moreno
Donated by Ingrid Hendrickx
This abstracted drawing of a man's face shows a rounded but flattened surface, tilted back so that his nostrils are visible. The face droops, and has small beady eyes and dark closed lips.
Leonard Baskin (American (North American))
Gift of The Stephen and Sybil Stone Foundation
Black line representation of a human head and face, facing the viewer. The head is oval-shaped with vertical parallel lines.  The short hair of the person is represented by thick dots and fine curved lines.  The nose is formed by straight, vertical lines. Eyebrows are drawn with thick, black lines. "We shall Overcome" is printed in a brown-orange ink across the top of the sheet.
Ben Shahn (American (North American))
We Shall Overcome
Gift of the Robbins Center for Cross Cultural Communication, Founder Warren M. Robbins
Wooden circular staff with a circular human face in the middle of the shaft. The bottom of the staff contains concentric rings that form a point at the base. The top of the staff has a black and white checkered pattern that wraps around the staff. Animal hairs stick out the top of the staff. 
Kuba (Kuba (Democratic Republic of Congo style))
1915 – 1925
Museum purchase made possible by the Betty J. Lockett Memorial Fund
This print shows a woman with black curly hair from the shoulders up; the woman, dressed in black, has a decorative flower in her hair on the left side. She covers her mouth and nose with both of her hands. Her right hand rests horizontally across her face with her palm facing outwards. Her left hand rests on top of her right hand, forming a T shape. 
Man Ray (American (North American))
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
This piece is a collage with metal strips, a crushed can, a profile painting of a face on top of stencilled letters, numbers, and dollar sign.
George Vargas
Gift of the artist
A human face in anguish, with hands raised to his cheeks, looks out from the center of a visual field full of slashing diagonals and explosive triangles of color. On the left side, smoke billows.
Otto Dix
Artillery Battle (Artillerieschlacht)
Museum Purchase
This image is one of twelve photographs from Brassaï's <em>Transmutations</em> portfolio. In this photograph, Brassaï has drawn on a negative of a female figure using the cliché-verre process. The resulting image portrays a female nude partially abstracted into geometric shapes.
Brassaï (French (culture or style))
Mineral Countenance
1934 – 1967
Museum Purchase
This is a line drawing of a woman's head inscribed within a vertical rectangle. Simple horizontal and vertical lines depict the eyes, nose, and mouth while a few curved lines above each eye depict a hair line, and a large "U" forms the chin. 
Alexei Jawlensky (Russian (culture or style))
1921 – 1922
Museum Purchase
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