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Within an elaborate decorative framework consisting of griffins, birds, dogs, and fantastic half man-half beast creatures is a central panel with the image of a nude woman standing on a column holding a victor's wreath in either hand. Approaching for either side is a man in a quadriga holding a banner; each also holds a line that extends up to the wreath in the woman's hand.
Hans Vries
Ornament Print from a series: 'Grottesco in diversche manieren'
1555 – 1560
Museum Purchase
A bull in the center charges to the left toward a horse rearing up with a bullfighter on its back. The bullfighter leans forward to plunge a spear into the bull's shoulder area. Flags and spectator stands lie in the background.
Pablo Picasso (Spanish (culture or style))
The Bullfight (Courses de taureaux)
Gift of The Carey Walker Foundation

Marino Marini (Italian (culture or style))
Horse and Rider
1901 – 1957
Museum Purchase

Equestrian Statuette of Marcus Aurelius
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
This Mina'i ware bowl fragment displays well preserved base decorations. Five figures, two birds, a tree and a rim of Kufic insciptions float on the interior, while the exterior exhibits alternating red and cobalt symbols. The bowl is made with a pink-tan paste and a glossy all-over glaze. Ivory, red, cobalt, turquoise, black, pink and brown paints are used to create vibrant imagery.
Iranian (Iranian)
Mina'i ware bowl fragment with figures
1167 – 1232
Museum purchase
Photograph depicting an equestrian statue of Nicholas I of Russia in St. Isaac Square, Saint Petersburg.
E. Huard (French (culture or style))
Monument to Nicholas I, Saint Petersburg
Gift of Howard and Margaret Bond
At the center of the lithograph, there is a nude man trying to get on a horse. The man's bent leg appears to be placed firmly against the horse's side and his body is pushed against its back. In the background, there is a strong set of horizion lines and the forground scene is enveloped in think and sketchy lines.
Max Liebermann (German (culture or style))
Naked Rider on the Beach
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser

Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Equestrian figure carrying a lance in his left hand
17th century
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel

Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Equestrian Figure
18th century
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel and Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Figiel

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Ivory snuff bottle in the shape of an equestrian figure
1912 – 1949
Gift of Mr. Robert W. Coggan

Marino Marini (Italian (culture or style))
Gift of Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Willson