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White ceramic dish with attached covered bowl.  Gold leave detail border and flower motifs as decoration.  The handle of the dish cover is a ceramic detailed and painted flower.
Covered Dish
19th century
Gift of Mrs. Jutta Gerber-Malm
This is a wide, shallow, rounded bowl with everted flat rim on a foot ring, covered in an amber glaze.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
907 – 1125
Gift of Domino's Pizza, Inc.
A cross-hatched ceramic plate with a glazed bowl. The glaze is a thick pale to dark green with a significant pooling to one side.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Gift of Ann Holmes
Clear glass saucer with milky, iridescent free-standing form in the center shaped like a rabbit.
René Lalique
Ashtray with freestanding rabbit
1919 – 1930
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
A jar of a half-moon shape. Tan high gloss glaze with copper green and iron brown glaze, and incised and glazed radish designs on each side.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Small Hip Flask (Dachibin)
1933 – 1966
Gift of Ann Holmes
Small vase with a wide round bottom and narrow opening done under a copper reduction fire. Tan underglaze. Dark red and black pattern on one side going from the base to the top.
Kawajiri Hiroshi
Small Sake Serving Bottle (Tokuri)
Gift of Ann Holmes
A dark-glazed flat, wide round plate.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Large Plate with Incised Decoration
19th century
Gift of Ann Holmes
A white, ceramic dish with a red and black design. Black stripes decorate parts of the dish with red circles on the right side of the dish.
Hamanaka Gesson
Ceramic Dish
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew
A short wide vase with a short neck and wide lip. The bottom portion of the vase is grey with black and white specks and the rest is brown rigged ceramic. Smooth and rough sections of gray high gloss glaze.
Takeda Toshio
Small Wide Rimmed Vase or Small Sake Serving Bottle
1960 – 1970
Gift of Ann Holmes
Large, deep and wide ceramic bell-lipped bowl. It sits on a narrow base and curves outward. It is a greenish-gray color; the outside is streaked ith copper and dark brown colored streaks. Celadon glaze with crackle on the inside, with temoku register on the outside; red-color clay.
Kyushu Koishibara
Large Bowl
1960 – 1970
Gift of Ann Holmes
A stand with a narrow, decorated post and a wide, shallow plate top. The column is made of a young male child holding a large grouping of flowering plants. At his feet on the base are large leaves with fruit throughout.<br />The white earthenware body is molded with a figural putto column beneath stylized flowers and fruit above a round foot. The piece is hand decorated in multiple bright and natural colors in the Vienna Secessionist palette. The round foot is cobalt blue, the whole was overglazed in a glossy, clear glaze.
Josef Riedl
Small Dessert Stand
1910 – 1920
Gift of Ann Holmes
Shallow dish with repeating circles of gray, black, and white glaze.
Hamada Shōji
1960 – 1970
Gift of Marvin Eisenberg
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