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This thin porcelain conical bowl has a direct slightly everted rim on a footring. Its interior has a lightly incised floral meander decoration,and it is covered in a white glaze with bluish tinge.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
1000 – 1132
Gift of Mrs. Caroline I. Plumer for the James Marshall Plumer Collection
This rectangular vase is decorated in one corber with a wheel or foral design carved into the clay. The opening edges of the vase are not straight, but asymmetrical. The natural ash glaze decorates the vase with varyig shades of gray.
Kōyama Kiyoko
1995 – 2005
Gift of Lori and David London
This large jar is ovular in shape, with four lines carved across its horizontal axis periodically. The jar shape turns inward from the third line from the bottom. where the fourth line serves as the base of the neck of the jar opening. The natural ash glaze is not applied evenly, but looks as ip it dripped down the sides of the jar in some areas.
Kōyama Kiyoko
Large Jar
1995 – 2005
Gift of the artist
This cylindircal jar has a circular lid with a small handle. The natural ash glaze creates a mix of green, black, gray, and reddish hues.
Kōyama Kiyoko
1995 – 2005
Gift of the artist
A square ceramic inkwell with a motif of a bird on a branch on one side and a motif of flowers on the other. The base of the inkwell is beige and the pictures are green and black.
Artist Unknown
Martin Bros. London, 296.S patt. 4-sided inkwell, pot liner, bird, blue & gray stone ware, flowers on panels
1875 – 1975
Gift in loving memory of Donald Maxwell Robiner from his family
An inkwell made with ceramics in blue color. It is flat and round, wider on the bottom, and narrower on the top; and the lid cover has a ram head crafting on it.
Roycroft Pottery
Blue Ceramic Inkwell with Ram Design on Lid, Roycroft pottery blue-aqua inkwell, lid and insert
1875 – 1975
Gift in loving memory of Donald Maxwell Robiner from his family
A tripod saki pitcher with a narrow spout that extends perpendicular from the base of the pitcher.
Hiroyuki Wakimoto (Japanese (culture or style))
Tripod Saki Pitcher
1980 – 2000
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew
A small ceramic bowl with a dark brown glaze creating horizontal banding and a light blue glaze dripping on top it, heavier on the top of the cup and less towards the bottom. The bottom is unglazed and the top has only a clear glaze, allowing the color of the pottery to show through.
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Saki Cup
Gift of the Estate of Anne L. McGrew
Small round ceramic plate. Brown and green, mostly a matte finish.
Old Mashiko Ware
Small Plate
1867 – 1966
Gift of Ann Holmes
Rough ceramic cup with a cylinder body. Red/brown color with strips of green/grey near the top
Nagakura Sui
Small Cylindrical Vase
1960 – 1970
Gift of Ann Holmes
A container with a cylinder shaped body and a wide opening, it has a pattern of lines on the outer body. Dark brown coloring. Small series of lines near the top of the bowl that go all the way around. Rest of the bowl has slightly curved beveled edges that go from top ot bottom.
Jinnai Toru
Faceted Jar (Tea Ceremony Water Container or Mizusashi)
1960 – 1970
Gift of Ann Holmes
Large round plate with rough surface and a gloss footed base. Brown bamoo sumie on rust color matte glaze ground with grog bits added to clay, fired on nine kiln struts.
Takeda Toshio
Medium Sized Plate
Gift of Ann Holmes