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Jack Levine (American (North American))
The General
1915 – 1964
Museum Purchase

George Cruikshank
Profile Bust of a Man
1782 – 1878
Gift of George Foreman Green
A crowd of figures dances and drinks outside of an establishment with the words "Echate La Otra" across the top of the entrance. Figures outside the restaurant are wearing patterned tunics, tall socks and shoes, and tall conical hats with plumes of feathers. The figures inside the establishment are wearing sombreros.
José Clemente Orozco (Mexican)
1927 – 1935
Gift of Mina L. Winslow

Honoré Victorin Daumier (French (culture or style))
Le Carcan
The Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection

George Cruikshank
Three Men at a Table
19th century
Gift of George Foreman Green

George Cruikshank
Thinks I to Myself, Thinks I
1845 – 1855
Gift of George Foreman Green
A crouched figure on the left side with large ears and large mouth holds it's own genetalia. There are two woman figures on the right side with backs to the crouched man. The women are fainter and harder to see in the drawing.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Erotic Caricature
1864 – 1901
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family
There are two separate drawings. The first is a colorful drawing of a gathering of people wearing formal attire. They are depicted as caricatures, with large heads. The other image is a sketch of three people, side by side. On the left, a woman is shown from the back; she wears a coat, hat, high heeled shoes, and carries an umbrella under her right arm. There is a man in the center, shown from the side. He is mid-step, and wears a coat, hat, and boots; he has a mustache. The sketch on the right appears to show the same woman that is depicted on the left, but from a side angle.
George Grosz (German (culture or style))
The Gay Cafe
20th century
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family

Honoré Victorin Daumier (French (culture or style))
Thi... (Portrait of Adolphe Thiers)
Gift of the Emil Weddige Collection
This handscroll is a facsimile of the twelfth or thirteenth century Frolicking Animals Scroll (Chōjū jinbutsu giga) that depicts anthropomorphic monkeys, frogs, foxes and rabbits in various scenes. The scroll is painted in monochromatic ink with lively brushwork. The scroll contains no written text, and the discrete scenes of the scroll are separated by short stretches of landscape. The scroll appears to narrate the events of a festival held by various animals, culminating in a Buddhist ceremony. The scroll begins with a scene of rabbits and monkeys ritually washing themselves in a river. The next scene shows frogs and rabbits engaged in an archery competition. Frogs, foxes and rabbits watch as a rabbit nocks an arrow and takes aim at the target made of a large lotus leaf. Behind the figure, a group of rabbit teammates look on with excitement, while the frogs seem dismayed at the rabbit’s apparent skill. The next scene depicts rabbits, frogs and a fox dressed in robes bringing storage boxes out towards
Toba Sōjō
Kozan-ji Makimono: Scroll with Animal Caricatures (Hares and Frogs) [facsimile]
1935 – 1945
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Caricature of a Man Standing with Outstretched Hands
1735 – 1745
Museum Purchase

Max Beerbohm
Caricature of Pinero
Museum Purchase