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This vertically oriented print with an image on the top and bottom shows young people above, one with a camera pointed at the viewer, and the grill of a car below.
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (British (modern))
Careers today...How children fail
1965 – 1970
Gift of Professor Diane M. Kirkpatrick
This photograph depicts a crowd of people gathered outside on a low platform. The crowd appears to viewing an event happening in the sky above them. In the foreground stands a woman who faces the photographer, a camera raised to her eyes.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
Cape Kennedy, Florida
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953
This photograph depicts a scene at a crowded political demonstration. A reporter stands at the center of the frame and is interviewing a woman. Behind them are handmade picket signs.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
New York City
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953