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This photograph depicts a view of the construction site of a large building. There are piles of materials, two towering cranes and a view of other buildings in the background.
Garry Winogrand (American (North American))
Gift of Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. 1951, J.D. 1953
Photograph of a group of brick buildings, cropped to accentuate the building materials and other geometric details such as a window and door.
André Kertész (American (North American))
Brick Walls
Gift of Maxine and Lawrence K. Snider
Frontal view of an altar space surrounded by draped fabrics with different patterns and materials. A staircase ascends out of the frame on the left-hand side of the image.
Felix Bonfils (French (culture or style))
Grotte de la Nativité—Cave of the Nativity
1867 – 1885
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
A photograph of an oblique view of a plaster mill in Los Angeles, California. 
Edward Weston (American (North American))
Plaster Works, Los Angeles
Gift of The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation, in memory of Morris D. Baker, a graduate of The University of Michigan School of Architecture, 1952
Teeming with meticulously recorded detail, this print depicts a massive construction site in the midst of a city. The large hole of the site consumes the majority of the lower two-thirds of the image; the upper portion consists of roads and buildings. Scaffolding and building materials extrude from the site into the air. <br />
Signed on plate, recto, l.r.: "Muirhead Bone"<br />
Signed below platemark, recto, in pencil: "Muirhead Bone".
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
Manhattan Excavation
1923 – 1928
Museum purchase made possible by the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
Photograph of the intersecting lines of a ceiling.
Howard Bond (American (North American))
Chapel Ceiling, Gloucester
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Bond
This print includes three seperate images and text.  At the top is a sketch in black ink of the Museum of Modern Art, wrapped in textile, with buildings behind it.  Below is a map of the area in NYC around MoMA and a photograph of MoMA, unwrapped. Handwritten labels and notes are included.
Christo;Jeanne-Claude (American (North American);Bulgarian (culture or style);French (culture or style))
The Museum of Modern Art, Wrapped (Rear), Project for New York
1968 – 1971
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
Spring scene with houses, a temple complex and a pagoda on the riverbank. There are also trees and cherry blossoms. Some people are walking by the river.
Utagawa Hiroshige III
Edo Meisho no Uchi: Bentenyama and Kinryuzan temple in Asakusa
1865 – 1875
Museum Purchase
The foreground is trees which frame, in the distance, a church-like structure.  On the right are two tree trunks with little foliage. The left side from the bottom and halfway up is darkened area.  There are 3 distinguishable trees near the center of the image that are full of foliage. Just to the right of those trees is a tree just as big as the church-like structure.;
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Near Rome (Environs de Rome)
Museum Purchase
Gold cloth scroll with an image of a mountain landscape with villagers on a body of water.
Kinoshita Itsuun
Landscape Mountains with Trees and Pagodas
1833 – 1866
Gift of the Estate of Betty I. Monroe, PhD
At the center of the scene, there are three figures carrying instruments. Below and above, three building-tops are depicted. The central figures are painted in shades of blacks and browns, while the buildings are painted in shades of yellow, orange, beige, black and blue. The background is beige and yellow, and painted on found board and mounted on wooden planks.
Purvis Young (American (North American))
Three Guitar Players
1992 – 2002
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
This plate shows a view of docks, businesses that serve shipping, and numerous ships, some pulled up in dry dock. In the foreground a low boat (a barge or lighter) angles into the space, on which a man in a cap is seated, hands on his knees, looking at the viewer.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
Eagle Wharf (Tyzac, Whiteley & Co.), One of the 'Sixteen Etchings,' or the 'Tham
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker