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Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Standing Priest
13th century
Museum purchase for the James Marshall Plumer Memorial Collection

Janice Gordon
Inshallah (Prayers for Peace)
Museum Purchase
A man in hassidic clothing standing in the middle of a sand pile. There is another man farther back in the distance.
Leonard Freed (American (North American))
Hassidic Men Walking Amongst Sand Piles, Israel
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A group of Hassidic men praying inside of a religious place. They are all standing, facing forward.
Leonard Freed (American (North American))
Jewish Men Praying, Jerusalem, Israel
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80

The Last Judgement, from the Nuremberg Chronicle
15th century
Museum Purchase
At the center of the print a large dark figure sits in a shadow. He is holding a stick that has four small red, horned figures attached to the top. The print is located and signed in the plate (c.l.) "mèxico / 1950 / Isidoro" and editioned in pencil (l.l.) "7/25" and signed and dated in pencil (l.r.) "Isidoro Ocampo/56.".
Isidoro Ocampo (Mexican)
Seller of Judas Effigies
Museum Purchase
A woman in a red and blue dress is sitting in a woodland setting with a baby on her lap. The baby is holding a paper envelope (or a folded note), while her right hand is outstretched. Another small child crouches at her side. He holds a cross in his left hand, and pets a lamb with his right hand. 
Carlo Maratti
Madonna and Child
17th century
Gift of Andrew Nagy

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Priest's Robe, Satin Brocade
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Priest's Stole?
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
A battle scene with the sun's rays shining down through the clouds. At the center, a man has fallen from his horse and lays on the ground. From the clouds above, a voice comes down, inscribed "SAVLE SAVLE QVID ME PERSEQVERIS." At base of print is written "Totus lesus in Paulo consumptus est. Chrysost. Iesus-Christ s'est enployé tout entier en ce mystere."
Jacques Callot (French (culture or style))
Conversion of St. Paul [La Conversione de St. Paul]
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A group of Hassidic men standing over a body covered in a cloth. There are windows behind them.
Leonard Freed (American (North American))
Jewish Funeral, Jerusalem, Israel
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A man preaching on a public street. There are people passing by him. He is holding a bible in one hand.
Leonard Freed (American (North American))
Preacher on the Street, New York City, USA
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
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