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In thick, sketchy lines, this print portrays a scene in which one figure leans against a wall on the left, and a crowd of people look over a balcony on the right. The top half of the composition is taken up mostly by a ceiling with two lamps with bare bulbs hanging from it.
Oda Kazuma
Interior of a Cinema Theater (Katsudo Shashinkan Naibu)
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto
This print shows a corner of the interior of a theater. A small part of the stage is visible, and two performers stand on the stage. To the left, engulfing the view of the stage, the balconies wind from the lower right to the upper left and fill the top third of the print. The audience is portrayed as dark strokes of seated figures that are not detailed or well defined. The audience sits in darkness.
Oda Kazuma
In the Imperial Theater (Teigeki nite)
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto
The pyramid shaped hills in the background of this print are those of the boiling houses and salt piles of Gyôtoku’s salt industry. A ferry boat, or watashi-bune, carries passengers in the foreground of this picture.  In this print a shipman steers using the large rudder located in the back of the boat.
Andō Hiroshige (Japanese (culture or style))
Eight Views of Edo Suburbs: Fishing Boats Returning to Gyôtoku
1835 – 1842
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This print shows a seated audience at a theater. The three most visible figures wear kimono, the obi tied in the back, and kneel overlooking a balcony above the stage. The figures in the foreground are more clearly defined, the outlines of the figures in the background blend into one another to create a dark undefined area.
Oda Kazuma
Theater Going (Kangeki)
Gift of the artist, through Mr. and Mrs. Yoshito Yamamoto