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Preschool Collection

Know a young child? You can use images to tell stories, imagine, learn vocabulary, and practice counting. Check out these presentations and try the techniques with the kids (of all ages) in your life. 

1. Visual Thinking Strategies: ask two questions: 1) What is going on in this picture? 2) What do you see that makes you say that? 

2. Find Patterns: look for repetition in images or the world around you: shapes, colors, numbers (count up or down). Ask your kids to find objects in some order, like "Blue, Green, Red. Blue (house), Green (tree), Red (car)." Keep going until you can't find any more objects. 

3. Play Eye Spy: "Eye Spy with my little eye, something that is ____." Use an empty toilet paper roll as a telescope. 

4. Rhyme Time: Name something in the image. Your friend says a word that rhymes with it. Go back and forth. 

5. ABC: If you're in a museum or are looking at one busy object, start by naming an object you see that starts with A. Then B. Then C. Until you can't go any further . . . 

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