MSTEM 2020

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Hi MSTEM students, 

Welcome to the University of Michigan Museum of Art, UMMA for short. I’m Grace - I work here - with students - to learn about art, about other subjects, and about people. 

In past years, MSTEM students have actually been able to tour the museum building. Thanks for being flexible and safe this year and adjusting to this new way of experiencing tours. 

Today, that experience will be an online activity that hopefully gets at three goals: 

1. Introduces you to the art museum and our online version of the artworks. 

2. Asks you to share a bit of yourself with your small group so you get to know each other, because connection is so important even, and especially, in this virtual, non-typical format. 

3. Invites you to join the museum’s free membership program. As a member, you’ll receive info about events and concerts (that are free, with free food). UMMA is also a great place for a date, or a quiet place to study. Granted, this is a weird year, so you’ll also get updates about building opening hours and virtual opportunities. 

When we can, it would be wonderful to see you at the museum. As a UM student, this space belongs to you, too!


  Click HERE to begin the Visual Art Activity

Work with your group to respond to this series of prompts:

Check out a Sample Visual Art Discussion Below 


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