Buddha, seated in the padmasana pose, in bhumisparsa mudra

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Buddha, seated in the padmasana pose, in bhumisparsa mudra


Object Creation Date
19th century

Medium & Support

16 1/8 in. x 11 in. x 7 1/2 in. ( 41 cm x 28 cm x 19 cm )

Credit Line
Bequest of Thakur Rup Chand

Subject matter
The Buddha in bhumisparsa mudra (the gesture of touching the earth with his right hand, palm inward), signaling his victory over Mara.

Physical Description
A hollow cast bronze sculpture of the Buddha, including a lotus base. The bronze has a dark, shiny patina over most of its surface.
The Buddha sits with his legs crossed in the padmasana pose; his right hand reaches down, palm inwards, to touch the earth, in an elegant gesture with just the tip of his third finger making contact, while his right hand rests in his lap. His torso is tall and erect. His dhoti (a skirt-like garment) is tied high on his torso, while his outer robe covers his left shoulder completely and just brushes against his right shoulder. His face is shaped like a tall and narrow "U," with wide, gently arching brows, downcast eyes under swelling lids, a long and high nose, and full, cupid's-bow lips. The urna, an auspicious mark on his forehead, is indicated here by a small bump with an incised outline. His hair is arranged in rows of snail-shell curls, which are repeated in a larger size on his ushnisha, culminating in a lotus bud.
The upward-pointing lotus petals on the dais are in high relief, with curling tips.

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Ritual Object

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