Thrift and Economy - Council of National Defense

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Thrift and Economy - Council of National Defense

Artist Unknown

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Medium & Support
color lithograph on paper

16 3/16 x 21 1/8 in. (41 x 53.5 cm)

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Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons

Physical Description
Text: Thrift and Economy - The Council of National Defense and the Advisory Commission to the Council, believe that a concerted effort for economy by the people of the Nation will not only go far toward paying America's expenses in the war, but will also reduce consumption of raw and manufactured materials essential to the conduct of the war. - The Council urges all to refrain from unnecessary expenditure of every kind, and to bear constantly in mind that only one thing is now of real importance, and that is winning the war. - The Nation's resources in manpower, money, transportation, foodstuffs, raw materials, and fuel, have already been subjected to heavy strain, and it is the clear duty of every citizen to guard against increasing this strain by a single wasteful act. - It is most creditable for everyone--man and woman, boy and girl--to be economical in dress, food, and manner of living. Every evidence of helpful self-denial on the part of all in a time like this is most commendable. - This war is more than a conflict between armies; it is a contest in which every man, woman, and child can and should render assistance. Thrift and economy is not only a patriotic privilege; it is a duty. - Council of National Defense: The Secretary of War, Chairman; The Secretary of Navy; The Secretary of Interior; The Secretary of Agriculture; The Secretary of Commerce; The Secretary of Labor - Advisory Commission of the COuncil of National Defense (signatures below) - One cent saved each day by every person in the United States means $1,00,000 per day - One lump of sugar saved each day by every person in the United States means 2,000,000 pounds per day

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Modern and Contemporary

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Text-based Art
World War I

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