Orchid and Rock

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Orchid and Rock

Chang Ku-nien, Liu Yantao, Gao Yihong; Liu Yen-tau; Chang Ku-nien

Object Creation Date
last quarter of 20th century

Medium & Support
hanging scroll, ink on paper

14 3/16 in x 19 11/16 in (36 cm x 50 cm)

Subject matter
Creating cooperative works with peer artists has been a fashion closely connected to the literati’s painting concept and practice. As modes of personal expressions, according to literati theory, paintings are created for private occasions and are shared and appreciated among circles of friends. The cooperative work celebrates respectful mutual relationships and reinforce affections among the painters participated.
Chang collaborated with two friends from the Seven Friends Painting Club, Liu Yantao and Gao Yihong. Naturally, in a cooperative work, each artist often takes on a subject best representing his/her talents. Appealing to scholar-artist, the elegance and subtle fragrance of orchids have long been regarded as the emblem of righteous gentlemen, thus a suitable subject for scholars alike.

Physical Description
A rock dominates the image, with orchids and grasses growing next to it. Calligraphic text accompanies the image, places above the rock, with three seals.

Primary Object Classification

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rock (inorganic material)

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