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Metal figural sculpture made of decommissioned AK-47s welded together
Ouk Chim Vichet
Apsara Warrior
89 in x 44 ⅞ in x 47 ¼ in (226.06 cm x 113.98 cm x 120.02 cm);89 in x 44 ⅞ in x 47 ¼ in (226.06 cm x 113.98 cm x 120.02 cm)
Museum purchase made possible by Guy and Nora Barron
A bearded man, wearing majestic red robes with a large ermine collar and a green turban surmounted by a crown, sits on a throne at left. He leans forward, holding a long thin scepter in his right hand while touching his chest with his left. Before him stand two women supporting a third, who has fainted. This third woman wears a splendid blue robe ornamented with a row of opulent clasps, a luxurious golden cloak lined with pink fabric, and a crown that seems to tilt precariously on the back of her head. The man looks intently into the face of the fainted woman, while the two women, in turn, watch his expression closely.
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
Esther before Ahasuerus
oil on canvas
5 ft. 2 7/8 in. x 7 ft. 1 7/16 in. (159.6 x 217 cm);5 ft. 2 7/8 in. x 7 ft. 1 7/16 in. (159.6 x 217 cm);6 ft. 7 1/2 in. x 8 ft. 4 1/2 in. (201.93 x 255.27 cm)
Museum Purchase
<p>Interior composition with male and female dancers positioned at center with seated female at lower left, standing male on crutches at right and a group of birds in the leftmost background.</p>
Max Beckmann
Begin the Beguine
oil on canvas
5 ft. 9 9/16 in. x 3 ft. 11 1/2 in. (176.69 x 120.65 cm);6 ft. 3 3/4 in. x 4 ft. 5 3/4 in. x 4 in. (192.41 x 136.53 x 10.16 cm)
Museum Purchase
A figure wearing dark boots, dark pants, and brown overshirt reads, sitting on stool with his back to lit fireplace. Set in darkened domestic interior, table and drying herbs visible at back, wooden floorboards and stone of fireplace are illuminated. (Larson 2/5/18)&nbsp;<br />
Eastman Johnson
Boyhood of Lincoln
oil on canvas
46 1/2 x 37 5/16 in. (117.95 x 94.77 cm);5 ft. 3 in. x 4 ft. 6 3/8 in. x 6 1/4 in. (160.02 x 138.11 x 15.88 cm)
Bequest of Henry C. Lewis
M. Bachelier is shown seated at a desk dressed in a high powdered wig and sumptous gold-embroidered velvet coat and waistcoat. Behind the figure is a rich cloth, pulled back to reveal columns. On the elaborately carved desk are papers and a writing set. M. Bachelier extends his left hand towards the viewer, suggesting that we have interepted him while writing at his des. The painting&#39;s coloring consists of rich burgundy red, green, tan and gold.
Jean-Baptiste Oudry
M. Bachelier, Director of Customs at Lyon (M. Bachelier, Directeur des fermes de Lyon)
oil on canvas
54 7/16 in x 41 11/16 in (138.27 cm x 105.89 cm);61 ½ in x 49 in (156.21 cm x 124.46 cm)
Museum Purchase


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