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W18 Stiffler - ARABAM 311 / AMCULT 311 - Camels, Kabobs, and Kahlil Gibran: Arab American Cultural Studies

This color stereoscopic image features two images of a sphinx on the left, a pyramid in the background and a kneeling camel in the front.
Artist Unknown
Stereoscope Image: The Sphinx, Pyramid and Kneeling Camel, Cairo, Egypt
photograph | cardboard
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Henri Matisse
Seated Orientale, Veil on her Head (Orientale assise, voile sur la tête)
drypoint | chine applique, mounted on Arches paper
Museum Purchase
Standing Man in a Turban
18th century
wood |
Bequest of Doris Margaret Grigaut for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
Henry Wolf
Untitled (figure composition)
1870 – 1880
wood engraving | paper
Museum Purchase
G. Lékégian & Co.
Reunion of Theologians, Court of El-Azhar Mosque
1870 – 1880
albumen print | paper
Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
A color photograph featuring a soldier's back on the left, rifle prominent, and a young girl in a yellow dress on the right. She holds a hand and stares at the viewer. In the background, a man holds his arms up in front of another soldier.
Peter Turnley
The War in Iraq, Near Basra, Iraq, 2003
archival pigment print | paper
Gift of Kathleen Lauster and Jarir Derouach
Khaled al-Saa'i
Resurrection (triptych)
natural ink, tempera and gouache | paper
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
Lobed jar with lid
14th century
clear glaze and blue and black underglaze painting | fritware(ground quartz and white clay)
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
David Roberts
Grand Entrance to the Mosque of the Sultan Hassan
color lithograph, laid down | cardboard
Gift of Carol Hubert
This black and white print shows an outdoor setting with two men, one reclining and facing the viewer, the other seated with his legs drawn into his chest and gazing out to the right. They are dressed in robes and wear Arabic headdresses ("Guhtra"). There are rifles at their sides. In the background on the right are two men, one riding a horse, who walk toward a group of buildings in the distance. There is a French inscription below this scene that identifies the artist, title and publisher of the print.
Eugène Delacroix
Arabes d'Oran
etching, drypoint and roulette laid down | woven plate paper
Museum Purchase
David Turnley
Gulf War, Iraq, from "Detroit Focus 2000"
black and white photograph | paper
Gift of Detroit Focus 2000, and partial purchase with funds from the Jean Paul Slusser Memorial Fund
Persian poetry and proverbs anthology, manuscript leaf
1767 – 1799
ink and color, with touches of gold leaf | thin, glazed paper
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. Freudenheim in memory of Otto F. Ege


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