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W16 Gaggio - HISTORY 216 - War and Society in the 20th Century: World War I

At the center of the page, there is an abstracted image with dark curved lines and crosshatching. Thick dashed lines reach out from the left side of the image towards the top and bottom of the work. The artist signature is in the stone (l.r.) "Boccioni".
Umberto Boccioni
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Käthe Kollwitz
'Bauernkrieg' (Peasant War Cycle). Losbruch (Outbreak)
aquatint and etching | paper
Museum Purchase
George Grosz
A Dream
pen, ink and wash | off-white laid paper
Museum Purchase
A human face in anguish, with hands raised to his cheeks, looks out from the center of a visual field full of slashing diagonals and explosive triangles of color. On the left side, smoke billows.
Otto Dix
Artillery Battle (Artillerieschlacht)
charcoal and gouache | paper mounted on linen
Museum Purchase
A man clothed in pants, shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt sits at a small table with his hands folded. Part of a loaf of bread sits on the upper left corner of the table. The man is in a small room with a small, square, barred window high on the wall behind him. There is a toilet without a lid behind him to his left.
George Grosz
In Prison
ink | wove paper
Gift of Herbert Barrows
Three-quarter profile view of a woman’s face<br />
Käthe Kollwitz
lithograph | paper
Bequest of Jean Paul Slusser
Portrait head with landscape in background.
Ernst Kirchner
Portrait of David Müller
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Otto Dix
Abandoned Position near Vis-en-Artois, from 'Der Krieg'
etching, drypoint and aquatint | paper
Museum Purchase
This dynamic print shows a figure on a horse in the center, with another horse to the left and a dog on the right. The rider and the horse are leaning into a turn and the horse's curly tail trails behind. Action lines and swirls radiate out from the figures in the center.
Franz Marc
woodblock | paper
Museum Purchase
Text: What are YOU doing? The Kaiser is canned - Can Food - Can Vegetables, Fruit and the Kaiser too - Write for Free Book to National War Garden Commission - Washington, D.C. - Charles Lathrop Pack, President - P.S.Ridsdale, Secretary - (jars labeled) Tomatoes, Kaiser Brand Unsweetened, Peas
J. Paul Verrees
What are YOU doing? The Kaiser is canned - Can Food - Can Vegetables, fruit, and the Kaiser too - National War Garden Commission
color lithograph | paper
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Text: (above) Distributed By World Film Corporation - "Uniti Per Una Pace Vittoriosa" - (main) Third United States Official War Picture - Under Four Flags - Presented by Division of Films Committee on Public Information - George Creel, Chairman - Taken By The Official Photographers of the Allied Armies
Philip Martiny
Under Four Flags - Third Untied States Official War Picture
1913 - 1923
color lithograph | paper
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons
Tex: Will you have a part in victory? - Write to the National War Garden Commission - Washington, D.C. for free books on gardening, canning &amp; drying. - "Every Garden a Munition Plant" - Charles Lathrop Pack, President
James Montgomery Flagg
Will You Have a Part in Victory?
1913 - 1923
color lithograph | paper
Gift of Mr. Maurice F. Lyons


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