W15 Wolpert - ENGLISH 124 - Academic Argument at Sea

Three nude figures stand, and one figure swims in a body of water.  A large wall is on the right side of the print, and a small fire burns on the left.
Hyman Warsager
Sea Wall
woodcut on paper
7 ⅝ in x 5 4/5 in (19.37 cm x 14.76 cm)
Allocated by the U.S. Government Commissioned through the New Deal art projects
Rough sea with a ship near the shore, people standing on shore.
George Wesley Bellows
Allan Donn Puts to Sea
lithograph on paper
17 ft. 9 in. x 15 13/16 in. (541.02 x 40.01 cm)
Dr. Herbert & Doris Sloan
Alice Kent Stoddard
On Board
etching on paper
10 1/16 x 11 1/4 in. (25.5 x 28.5 cm);10 1/16 x 11 1/4 in. (25.5 x 28.5 cm)
Gift of Prof. and Mrs. Alfred H. White
A great, claw-shaped wave which almost swampes the boats dominates the scene, . The Mount Fuji appears in the distance and seems much smaller compared to the waves. In the upper left-hand corner, the artist inscribed the title of the work along with his signature.
Katsushika Hokusai
36 Views of Mt. Fuji: The Great Wave off Kanagawa
color woodblock print on paper
10 1/8 x 14 13/16 in. (25.6 x 37.6 cm);14 3/8 x 19 5/16 in. (36.5 x 49 cm);12 1/2 x 16 7/16 in. (31.6 x 41.6 cm)
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
This photograph depicts an aerial view of a coastline with waves approaching the shore.
Marilyn Bridges
Spirit Surf, Big Sur, California
gelatin silver print on paper
20 in x 24 in (50.8 cm x 60.96 cm)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James Agah, Class of 1989 (BBA)
Manuel Carrillo
Fisherman at Sea
gelatin silver print on paper
10 1/4 in. x 6 1/8 in. ( 26 cm x 15.6 cm )
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Gilbert
Photograph of boats in the middle of a calm body of water.
Joel Meyerowitz
Bay Sky
chromogenic print on paper
7 5/8 in x 9 5/8 in (19.37 cm x 24.45 cm)
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
An aerial view of land meeting water. The water is a deep emerald green and the land, a varying shade of ochre and brown. The lower section is the water and there is a boat dock on the lower right section of the image. The land mass is the upper portion of the image, but seems to be separated at one section in a horizontal format.
Al Weber
Untitled (Aerial View of Shoreline)
chromogenic print on paper
15 in. x 15 in. ( 38.1 cm x 38.1 cm )
Gift of Margaret and Howard Bond
Henri Meunier
Testament of Baron-Jean
color lithograph on paper
25 5/16 in. x 37 5/8 in. ( 64.3 cm x 95.5 cm )
Donated by Ingrid Hendrickx
The print depicts a fisherman standing on a seaside cliff perfoming loneline fishing. There are great waves below him striking the cliff and there is a mountain in the background. The print mainly applies the color of white and shades of blue. The artist inscribed the title of the work along with his signature on the upper left-hand corner.
Katsushika Hokusai
A Solitary Fisherman at Kajikasawa, Kai Province (Kajikasawa, Kai)
woodblock print on paper, ôban yoko-e size
9 15/16 in. x 14 15/16 in. ( 25.2 cm x 37.9 cm )
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Die Sonne, No. 3 from the series 10 Holzschnitte...
woodcut on paper
19 ⅞ in x 24 ½ in (50.48 cm x 62.23 cm);26 ⅛ in x 32 ⅛ in (66.36 cm x 81.6 cm)
Museum Purchase
Lionel Smythe
Kelp Gatherers
etching and drypoint on wove paper
13 7/16 in. x 19 1/16 in. ( 34.1 cm x 48.4 cm )
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber


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