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Survey of German Art for German 231 classes

A human face in anguish, with hands raised to his cheeks, looks out from the center of a visual field full of slashing diagonals and explosive triangles of color. On the left side, smoke billows.
Otto Dix
Artillery Battle (Artillerieschlacht)
charcoal and gouache | paper mounted on linen
Museum Purchase
Josef Eberz
Nächtlicher Circus
woodcut | paper
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser
A. R. Penck
The Opposition Want to Overthrow the Government, from 'Expedition to the Holylan
two-color screenprint | Arches vellum paper
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
Two figures dominate the image with little reference to setting other than a low horizon line and some pebbles in the lower left. A man stands tothe lelft wearing simple tradesman's clothes; in his right hand he holds a ladle and another cooking implement. A knife in its sheath hangs at his waist. On his left shoulder stands a bird wtih wings open that is facing the man. To the right is a woman with a headdress and veil and cloak wrapped over one shoulder and in front of her.
Albrecht Dürer
The Cook and his Wife
1496 - 1497
engraving | laid paper
Museum Purchase
Käthe Kollwitz
Mary and Elizabeth
woodcut | Japan paper
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art
Three dark female figures are suspended in purgatory, with clasped hands in front of a triangular shaft of light that projects down from the top.
Max Pechstein
, sheet 3 - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Das Vaterunser - Geheiligt werde Dein Name)
woodcut with hand-coloring | paper
Museum Purchase
One forearm extends from the upper left side and ends to the right of center in a hand with palm down. Another arm extends from the lower right and ends in the lower left in a hand with palm up. Between the hands is the word "Amen!" in large letters.
Max Pechstein
The Lord's Prayer, sheet 12 - For Ever and Ever. Amen! (Das Vaterunser - von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit. Amen!)
woodcut with hand-coloring | paper
Museum Purchase
A formal portrait of a pastry chef in his commercial kitchen. 
August Sander
Konditormeister Franz Bremer
gelatin silver print | paper
Museum Purchase
The Five Kings Hanged (Joshua 10:26)
15th century
hand-colored woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Max Beckmann
Still Life with Toys and Shell
watercolor | pink paper
Museum Purchase
Emil Nolde
Frisian Landscape
1925 - 1935
watercolor | Asian paper
Museum Purchase
There are two separate drawings. The first is a colorful drawing of a gathering of people wearing formal attire. They are depicted as caricatures, with large heads. The other image is a sketch of three people, side by side. On the left, a woman is shown from the back; she wears a coat, hat, high heeled shoes, and carries an umbrella under her right arm. There is a man in the center, shown from the side. He is mid-step, and wears a coat, hat, and boots; he has a mustache. The sketch on the right appears to show the same woman that is depicted on the left, but from a side angle.
George Grosz
The Gay Cafe
20th century
watercolor and ink | paper
Gift of the Lannan Foundation in Honor of the Pelham Family


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