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F15 Thurman - HISTORY 407 / INTLSTD 401 - Global Cultural Encounters

Landscape scene with three figures (two standing and one kneeling) near a large sculpture of a God with a figure on horseback in the distance.  Image consists of sharply cut and defined elements.<br />
Paul Gauguin<br><em>Maruru (Offering to the Gods)</em><br>1894<br>woodcut | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1949/1.178
A large central figure represents God towers seen in the radiating rays of light and clouds that surround him.. On the forehead of his blocky, totemic head is a third eye. His left arm crosses over his middle and holds fire. His right hand extends down to the lower right corner as reaching down. The words &quot;Vater Unser&quot; are at the very top; &quot;Der Du Bist&quot; across God&#39;s waistline; &quot;im Himmel&quot; along the bottom.
Max Pechstein<br><em>The Lord's Prayer, sheet 2 - Our Father Who Art in Heaven (Das Vaterunser - Vater Unser Der Du bist im Himmel)</em><br>1921<br>woodcut with hand-coloring | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1948/1.424
Max Pechstein<br><em>Heidenstamm, from "Marsyas"</em><br>1918<br>drypoint and etching | paper<br>Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art<br>1981/2.90
Laton Alton Huffman<br><em>Stump Horn Bull, Absarokee Scout</em><br>1854 - 1931<br>colotype print | paper<br>Gift of Dr. &amp; Mrs. Michael Fauman<br>1983/2.55
A grouping of columns and figural sculptures stands amid other ruins and stone debris in a mostly flat, rocky landscape. 
Pascal Sebah<br><em>Ramesseion à Thèbes. Colosse de Rhamsès</em><br>1875 - 1885<br>albumen print | paper<br>Transfer from the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology<br>1980/1.205
Photograph of F. Holland Day in an "Algerian costume." Day sits cross-legged and looks down on his clasped hands resting in his lap.
Frederick H. Evans<br><em>F. Holland Day in Algerian Costume</em><br>1901<br>platinum print | paper<br>Museum Purchase<br>1971/2.146
Laton Alton Huffman<br><em>Cutting Out a Steer</em><br>1854 - 1931<br>colotype print | paper<br>Gift of Dr. &amp; Mrs. Michael Fauman<br><br>1983/2.53
Laton Alton Huffman<br><em>After the Buffalo Run, North Montana</em><br>1879<br>colotype print | paper<br>Gift of Dr. &amp; Mrs. Michael Fauman<br><br>1983/2.70
This is a photograph of a party of horses and riders. The subjects prepare to head to battle, with spears and regalia. Behind them is a tipi and prairie landscape.
Edward S. Curtis<br><em>Start of a War Party</em><br>1907 - 1908<br>photogravure | paper<br>Gift of Stephen M. Taylor<br>1997/1.158
Photographed from atop a high ridge, this photograph depicts a view looking down into a winding desert canyon.
Ansel Adams<br><em>Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona</em><br>1942<br>gelatin silver print | paper<br>Gift of Harry H. Lunn, Jr.<br>1985/1.153
This painting shows a train wagon filled with people in the foreground, and many train wagons following in the background. The train wagon and the people in it are being attacked by people on horses with tribal headwears and using weapons such as bows and arrows and axes. People in the train wagon are of Caucasion decent and have rifles pointed at those who seem to be Native Americans.
Charles Ferdinand Wimar<br><em>The Attack on an Emigrant Train</em><br>1856<br>oil | canvas<br>Bequest of Henry C. Lewis<br>1895.80
This is an abstract face of a figure looking to the right. The head is divided into compartments of varying textures by several straight lines. There are piano keys are on the left side of the head, and a cigarette at top left.&nbsp;
Sargent Johnson<br><em>Lenox Avenue</em><br>1938<br>lithograph | paper<br>Allocated by the U.S. Government<br>Commissioned through the New Deal art projects<br>1943.63


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