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W13 Cavin - HISTORY 195 - Empires of the Mind: Ideology in the Age of Imperialism

European Primtivisms

Interior composition with male and female dancers positioned at center with seated female at lower left, standing male on crutches at right and a group of birds in the leftmost background.
Max Beckmann
Begin the Beguine
oil | canvas
Museum Purchase
This image is one of twelve photographs from Brassaï's <em>Transmutations</em> portfolio. In this photograph, Brassaï has drawn on a negative of a female figure using the cliché-verre process. The resulting image portrays a female nude partially abstracted into geometric shapes.
Temptation of Saint Anthony
1934 - 1967
gelatin silver print from cliché-verre plate | paper
Museum Purchase
Landscape scene with three figures (two standing and one kneeling) near a large sculpture of a God with a figure on horseback in the distance.  Image consists of sharply cut and defined elements.<br />
Paul Gauguin
Maruru (Offering to the Gods)
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Adolph Gottlieb
Beasts at Night
gouache | off-white wove paper
Gift of Mrs. Florence L. Stol
A landscape reduced to minimal abstract elements. The lower half of the painting is black. The upper half, various shades of white and blue. Two black squares are suspended in the white above the black. A small pale blue circle is between the squares.
Adolph Gottlieb
oil | board
Bequest of Florence L. Stol
On a narrow, vertically oriented canvas, white surreal biomorphic forms float over a background of larger biomorphic forms in dark blues and black with some red splashes. 
Gerome Kamrowski
The Student (L'Etudiante)
oil | canvas
Gift of Mr. Jean Paul Slusser
Within a black background a white oval shape sits at center; within the oval are a series of abstracted forms and lines in primary colors all characteristic of Kandinsky's style.
Wassily Kandinsky
Small Worlds III
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
Ernst Kirchner
Two Figures
1915 - 1925
India ink, black crayon with red-brown wash | yellow paper
Museum purchase
Portrait head with landscape in background.
Ernst Kirchner
Portrait of David Müller
woodcut | paper
Museum Purchase
Nude female figure stretched out on the grass in a shallow landscape with trees in the background<br />
Aristide Maillol
Nude woman lying on her stomach (Femme nue étendue à plat ventre)
1889 - 1899
woodcut | on china paper
Gift of Mrs. John Alexander
André Masson
Bestiaire. XII. L'Ephémère
lithograph | paper
Museum Purchase
A small carved wood sculpture depicting a torso of a figure with limbs crossed.
Henry Moore
wood, lignum vitae | wood base
Museum Purchase


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