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Water has many options. It hydrates, it cleanses, it amuses, it nourishes, it transports, it amazes. A main topic of my exhibition is the use of water to hydrate people, because without water people and other living things cannot survive. It is one of the most important things that living organisms need to survive, and that is one of the reasons why my exhibition shows various works on hydration. The water also cares for us. It provides us with food and a source of income, whether we fish from it or cross it, water does something for us.

Water is also something that purifies us in a variety of ways. Literally, we use water to bathe and remove dirt from our bodies; but we also use it to spiritually purify and purify ourselves. Water has proven to be a powerful natural resource that behaves like no other and has power.

    Aside from what water does to help us survive and to cleanse or cleanse us, water is also able to bring joy to people and animals. People swim and splash and float in the water, they watch the sunset over the beautiful sea and illuminate the water with wonderful colors.

    Water seems simple or simple, but literature has portrayed the liquid as magical, and artists have interpreted it as meaning more than you can see at first glance. Water is a source of endless possibilities, and it is up to us to decide which way water can offer us.

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Tegeler Freibad

Accession Number

Tegeler Freibad

Max Beckmann

Artist Nationality
German (culture or style)

Object Creation Date

Medium & Support
lithograph on paper

12 ⅜ in x 13 ⅜ in (31.43 cm x 33.97 cm);22 ⅛ in x 18 ⅛ in (56.2 cm x 46.04 cm);14 ⅜ in x 17 ⅜ in (36.51 cm x 44.13 cm);12 ⅜ in x 13 9/16 in (31.43 cm x 34.45 cm)

Credit Line
Museum Purchase

Subject matter
During this early period, Beckmann created works in the Impressionist style of the Berlin Secession. Not long afterwards, he would start to develop his more abstract style of Expressionism and become associated with the New Objectivity movement. This print shows a variety of everyday people getting ready to swim at Lake Tegel, Berlin's second-largest lake. Through the modern Impressionist style and genre scene type subject matter, this work fulfills the anti-aristocratic, experimental ideals of the Berlin Secession.

Physical Description
This lithograph shows a series of figures in various stages of undress in an outdoor scene. In the foreground, there is a small boy with shorts on. Behind him there are two women in skirts and corsets, one seated taking off her stockings, and one standing, facing away. To their right, are two figures lying on the ground. There is a large tree that rises to the right. The overall scene is created in dark, forceful lines and marks.

Primary Object Classification

Primary Object Type
planographic print

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Collection Area

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Secession Movement
genre (visual works)
lakes (bodies of water)
women (female humans)

& Author Notes

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