A young woman carrying a basket of eggplants, with Mt Fuji in the background

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A young woman carrying a basket of eggplants, with Mt Fuji in the background

Isoda Koryūsai

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Medium & Support
color woodblock print on paper, pillar print

25 15/16 in x 4 9/16 in (65.88 cm x 11.59 cm)

Credit Line
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Label copy
This print is half of a famous pair of images made for celebrating the New Year. A young woman in a fashionable plaid kimono is shown walking along with one hand coyly placed at her cheek, while in the other hand she carries a basket of the delicious round eggplants of Suruga province. Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and and eggplants are considered the "three auspicious emblems" for New Year's Day, because of a punning phrase: hatsu yume fujitaka nasu, which can be rendered as "May the first dream of the new year (hatsu yume) be (nasu) of unsurpassed greatness (fujitaka).
The tall narrow format is typical of the so-called pillar print (Japanese, hashira-e): these prints were often tacked or pasted to walls, and so rarely survive in good condition. This particular example is quite dark from overexposure to light in the past.
M. Graybill, Senior Curator of Asian Art
June 2006

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color print

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