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Jacques Mauny
Venus of Deauville
1892 – 1934
Museum Purchase

Jacques Mauny
M. Gallatin at Stamboul
1892 – 1934
Museum Purchase

Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Jaipur School
Iconography series: Vishnu mounted on a blue bird
1835 – 1845
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
Waves crashing on the rocks which are mostly situated on the right bottom half of the image. The sky is gray and blue while the water is a mix of greens, blues and white.
Alice Hunt
1848 – 1930
Gift of The Ann Arbor Art Association, in memory of Ruby S. Churchhill
Two vertical designs dominate the drawing. Natural forms such as vines and other vegetal forms create designs that are symmetrical and organized around a central vertical axis.
Étienne Delaune
Two Designs for Jewelry
1533 – 1566
Museum Purchase

Helmut Weitz
Bleeding Skull
20th century
Museum Purchase

Edward Burne-Jones
Dorigen of Bretaigne Longing for the Safe Return of Her Husband
1865 – 1875
Museum Purchase
This landscape shows a brown, black, and white line drawing of a road and the buildings along it at night. There are two rows of buildings that face each other, and a road separating them. One of the buildings in the foreground has two billboards above it, illuminated at their top edges and spilling light onto the road around them. The area behind the row of buildings in the background is very dark, and the artist's signature is in the top left corner of the paper. A vehicle with bright headlights drives down the center of the road between the buildings, towards the right. 
Saul Steinberg (American (North American))
The Highway at Night
Museum Purchase

Albert Kahn (American (North American))
San Stefano Bologna
Transferred from the College of Architecture and Design, 1972—Gift of the Family of Albert Kahn: through Dr. Edgar A. Kahn; Mrs. Barnett Malbin; Mrs. Martin L. Butzel

Eduard Bargheer
Museum Purchase

Jane C. Stanley
Karersee and Latemar Range, Dolomites
1863 – 1940
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Jane C. Stanley
Sand Dunes, Ogunquit
1863 – 1940
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker