8 UMMA Objects
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James Weeks (American (North American))
Ellen Drawing
Gift of the Marvin Felheim Collection
This drawing depicts a landscape with two figures against a tree in dark wash in the lower left foreground and a faintly washed mid-ground scene of a relief of a crowd of figures on an architectural element. An arch of an aqueduct and a faint castle tower somewhat in ruins appear in the background surrounded by lush foliage. <br />
Joseph Antoine David de Marseille
Aqueduct of Nerone, Tivoli
18th century
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Francesco Zuccarelli;Antonio Visentini (Italian (culture or style))
View of the Principal Square of a North Italian Town
1750 – 1799
Museum Purchase
This is a brown ink and wash drawing on a light background that depicts an expansive landscape with three figures in a row in the center area. The foreground shows a rocky, mountainous area with the figures standing on a ledge and square-shaped buildings, or walls, on a rise to the right. One figure is an old man with long white hair and a beard, who is wearing a draped robe and holding a staff. A woman is walking behind him on the path and balancing a vessel on her head. Another woman, behind her, has her arms at her side and looks downward. In the middle and far section of the drawing there is a walled city being destroyed with violent flooding of the city gates and eathquake-like destruction of the buildings. Far down the path a lone woman raises her hands in a gesture of distress. There are turbulent cloud formations in the sky.
John Martin
The Destruction of Sodom
Gift of the Estate of Marion Lehr Simpson

Domenico Maria Canuti
Divine Wisdom and Human Wisdom
1675 – 1685
Gift through the Estate of Edward Sonnenschein
An ink drawing in shades of gray with very exact detailing of objects and architectural elements in the scene. It shows the interior of a Roman house with sunlight streaming into an open courtyard with a fountain. The stone fountain has a square basin supported by a pedestal and a standing nude sculpture above it. One wall of the courtyard is decorated with floral designs and two figural scenes. A small bush is growing in a dirt area of the floor and there are two large vessels against the wall. Two figures are standing in a colonnade to the left of the courtyard. One is a woman dressed in a toga who is looking at a man dressed in a short sleeved tunic. The decorations of the floor, walls and ceiling depict ancient classical designs such as ascanthus leaves, meander and scroll patterns and the roof tiles have floral plume decorations and lion's head spouts.
Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
Interior of a Pompeiian Home with Figures (The Impluvium)
Museum Purchase
The minimally detailed sketch depicts fourteen men, many of whom are partially submerged in water. Some appear to ride horseback, and several brandish weapons such as swords and guns. The image is composed using ink wash over graphite, with blue ink accents.
Maximillian Luce
Soldiers Fording a Stream
1875 – 1941
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection