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Groups of men gamble, smoke, and drink in a dark guardroom. In the left foreground a seated man wearing a red sash lights his white clay pipe, while his companion pauses his smoking to listen to a man standing next to him. The red of the smoker's sash is repeated in the flag and fabrics strewn about in the right foreground, which form part of a still-life of weapons, musical instruments, and glinting armor heaped together against the wall. Between these brightly lit foreground vignettes the scene recedes into the darkened interior where a group of five men gather about a table to gamble.
David Teniers the Younger
Interior of a Guardroom
1635 – 1645
Museum Purchase

Ubaldo Gandolfi
St. Andrew
18th century
Museum Purchase

David Teniers the Younger
Tavern Scene
1610 – 1690
Gift of Alice and Henry Landau

William Henry Bartlett (British (modern))
President's House, from the River
1841 – 1850
Gift of Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bullard

David Murray
Canterbury Cathedral and Weed Grown Waste
Gift of Albert M. Todd

Eugène Boudin (French (culture or style))
St. Catherine's Market at Honfleur
1885 – 1895
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
The Roman emperor Vespasian sits in an interior receiving a document from a standing figure to the right of the composition.  The emperor is dressed in a white robe and sits on a red chair to the left of the composition.  The interior is largely dark, with the exception of the emperor, whose figure is brightly lit.<br />The painting is in the original frame, which is constructed to resemble a Roman Temple with base, entablature, and fluted ionic pilasters.
Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Vespasian hearing from one of his generals of the taking of Jerusalem by Titus
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

The Fish Seller
Bequest of Doris Margaret Grigaut for the Paul Leroy Grigaut Memorial Collection
Groups of figures sit crowded around tables in a dark, smoky interior. In the foreground a man dressed in white hose and a red cap leans on a barrel, his tankard placed at his feet, and looks directly ahead out of the scene. To his left several men cluster around a table to drink and smoke, while other dimly lit figures sit and move about in the background.
Bartholomeus Molenaer (Dutch (culture or style))
Peasants in an Interior
1635 – 1645
Gift of Mrs. Mae B. Smyd, in memory of Dr. Edwin S. Smyd

Will Mentor
European Classic
Gift of Arthur Cohen in Honor of Ben and Yetta Cohen

Eugène Accard
Lady in an Interior
1844 – 1888
Given in honor of Chilton Rupert Stearns, brother of Miss Isabelle Stearns

N. Alizone(?)
The Edge of the Forest
19th century
Gift of an Anonymous Donor, from the Collection of Dr. Wilbert B. Hinsdale