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Kathy Jakobsen
Copper Harbor
Gift of Karen and Werner Gundersheimer
A wide gladd vase rests upon a table partly covered by a cloth in a blue pattern.  The vase contains a tall floral arrangement.  Some flowed include pink, white, red and yellow roses, hydrageas, and lillies, among other flowers and greens.  Floating around the flowers are three blue and white butterflies.  The background behind the flower arrangement transitions from an almost black background from the left to a distant landscape scene, either through a window view or a painting.
Hans Zatzka
Floral Still Life
1877 – 1977
Gift of Keren and Mark Kalimian
An abstract oil painting, similar to a blank canvas.
David Shapiro
The Locket
Gift in honor of Dr. E. Bryce and Harriet Alpern, by their children
An oil painting of New York City skyscrapers. A water tower is visible over the top of a building on the left.
Emilio Sanchez
New York Sky Some Clouds
1975 – 1985
Gift of the Emilio Sanchez Foundation

Pierre Daura
Woman with Summer Hat
1946 – 1953
Gift of Martha R. Daura

Pierre Daura
Mother & Child, 12 S.C.I.
1948 – 1958
Gift of Martha R. Daura
A young man leans against a stone ledge and gazes to his right. He wears a slate blue jacket with a white collar and cuffs and has a matching mantle. He casually hooks a finger of his left hand in the hilt of a sword that hangs at his waist. A plain stone column immediately behind the sitter creates a near silhouette of the shadowed side of his face. A hazy sky fills the background.
Joshua Reynolds
Lord Charles Spencer (1740-1820), Second son of the Third Duke of Marlborough
Museum purchase made possible by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund

Theo Hios
1970 – 1980
Gift of Christopher and Heather Millio and Family
Canvas with an oval-shaped portion of thickly applied cracking black paint on the right of the piece. The left half of the canvas is covered in clay that has been smeared inward from the edge. Both the clay and black paint are applied over a blue, black, and white painted canvas. 
Suzanne McClelland (American (North American))
Gift of Steve Shane in honor of Professor Emerita Diane Kirkpatrick

Bjarne Melgaard (Norwegian)
Gift of Alan Hergott and Curt Shepard
View of a city with a body of water running through it. In the foreground is a bridge with three small boats approaching it. Onlookers stand on a bridge. A horse and buggy are seen on the street above with people going about daily business. Buildings are seen behind the street and there is a large clock tower in the background.
Georg Gillis Haanen (Dutch (culture or style))
The Oudegracht with a View of the Old Town Hall and the Dom Tower, Utrecht
1807 – 1870
Gift of Keren and Mark Kalimian
A farm scene depicting three men, horses, pigs, and a wagon. There are ducks in a small body of water in the foreground and buildings with thatched roofs in the background.
John Frederick Herring, Jr. (British (modern))
Farm Yard
1815 – 1907
Gift of Keren and Mark Kalimian