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Dagger made of a bronze-colored metal with a decorated dark wood handle. There are curving and circular designs on the dagger. The sheath is made of red leather and painted with green, white, and black. It has a leather fringe.
Fulani (Fulbe)
Dagger and Sheath
1800 – 1999
Gift of Mark and Marie-Armande Wilson
Metal sword with a large, leaf or fan shaped blade. The blade is decorated with openwork geometric designs. The ivory handle is thin and ends in a large metal loop. 
Edo (Benin);Benin (ancient Nigerian) (Edo (African culture))
Ceremonial Sword
20th century
Gift of Susan B. and John F. Ullrich
Open-back shoes with leather soles attached to a cloth-lining with metal tacks. The beadwork on the upper part of the shoe is blue with a British style crown rendered in gold, silver, red, blue, yellow, and green beads. 
Yoruba (Yoruba (culture or style))
Oba's Slippers
20th century
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis
This large and commanding Songye <em>nkisi</em> carved from wood depicts a male figure with the following characteristics: a large head whose crown is covered in stunning copper; almond shaped eyes; a large, oblong mouth; metal tacks across the temples; and a bold, trapezoidal chin. The figure’s hands rest on either side of its protruding belly, which bears a round mark representing its umbilicus. The <em>nkisi</em> dons a vegetable fiber loincloth which has been affixed by raffia. A trio of necklaces serve as adornments while a medicinal pestle dangles from its waist. Also remarkable is the handsome leather purse which the figure carries around its arm. 
Songye (Songye)
Power Figure
1885 – 1895
Gift of Candis and Helmut Stern