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It is a bronze incense burner with a long handle. The circular bowl is a brazier, in which incense is burnt in Shinto rituals. The brazier has a fluted mouth and double-lines on the outside body. A circular foot, in a chrysanthemum shape, is attached to the brazier. There is a support that connects between the brazier and the foot. The brazier’s lid has an intricate openwork design of lotus flower scrolls with a knob in the shape of a lotus bud. The rim has an incised, stylized design of clouds. The mounting between the brazier and the handle is in the shape of Buddhist jewel with two semi-precious stones. The handle has carved lotus flower scrolls, and the end of which is bent at a right angle and joined to a round pedestal. Rising from the pedestal is a small statue of a lion on a lotus-shape pedestal, which serves as a knob handgrip when the incense burner is held.<br />
Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Egôro (ritual censer)
1583 – 1650
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund