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Jan C. Vondrous
St. Jacques Malines
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber

Louis Conrad Rosenberg
Gate of Justice
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber
An image of various abstract shapes, resembling body parts. The silhouettes are going in a vertical format from the upper right corner down to the lower left corner.
Artist Unknown
Untitled (Abstract)
1800 – 1999
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink
A group of figures and pigeons lounge around the base of a column, which is unfinished in the upper portion of the plate. In the distance are a number of buildings of different styles that form a square where there are more people--and pigeons.
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American (North American))
The Piazzetta, one of the "Twelve Etchings," or the "First Venice Set"
1879 – 1880
Museum purchase made possible by the Alfred E. Pernt Memorial Fund in honor of Dr. of Technical Sciences Max H.J. Pernt and his wife Anna Pernt (née Mueller)

Charles Emile Jacque
Le Soir
Gift of Mrs. Charles F. Weber

Edda Renouf
Letters to Earth
Museum Purchase
Bust-length self-portrait with housegable visible at left.
Max Beckmann (German (culture or style))
Self-Portrait with Housegable
Museum purchase
In this strongly vertical composition, a street crowded with groups of people and individuals—all rendered in silhouette and casting long shadows—recedes into space, seen from above. The street is lined with two- and, at most, four-story buildings on both sides. A hilly landscape rises behind the buildings, and a stormy-looking sky occupies the top portion of the image. In the right foreground, a woman is seen from the back as she stands on a small balcony looking down the street at a procession underway. The procession follows a banner depicting a saint, and proceeds towards the viewer. Some of the people in the street wear pointed hoods over their heads.<br />
The image is covered with diagonal slash marks. The print shows incredibly rich textural effects as a result of intense drypoint scraping, extensive biting in the darkest areas, and printing on very thick wove paper. <br />
Signed in the plate, l.l., recto, "Bone / 19[?]5"
Sir Muirhead Bone (British (modern))
A Spanish Good Friday
Gift of Dr. Thomas DeKornfeld

Lovis Corinth (German (culture or style))
Kanone am Strand (A Canon on Strand)
Gift of Herbert Barrows

Max Beckmann (German (culture or style))
Dr. S------
Gift of Herbert Barrows
A drypoint portrait of a woman seated on a chair, holding a fan and looking out toward the viewer.
Marcellin Desboutin (French (culture or style))
Portrait of Berthe Morisot
1875 – 1877
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Lovis Corinth (German (culture or style))
Self-portrait with artist's wife
Gift of Herbert Barrows