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At the center of this painting, there is a group of people arranged in a trianuglar shape. The figures are all dressed in colorful clothing, some of them are holding refreshments. At the bottom of the painting are two colorful roosters fighting. The figures get smaller as they recede into the background, though there is not a realistic spacial lanscape in which they stand. The background has a light rondel emanating from behind the figures and the rest is an aqua-blue. The painting is signed (u.r.) in red paint "Franck / Robuste".
Franck Robuste (Haitian)
Cock Fight
1960 – 2012
Gift of Dr. James L. Curtis

Tyree Guyton (American (North American))
The Birthday Dress
1990 – 2016
Gift of Alice Aznavorian Simsar
Black and white image of powerlines along a ditch.
Christopher Broughton (American (North American))
1975 – 2017
Gift of Glenn Rand
Image of a book lying open to a page featuring a man next to a drawing of a factory. A newsclipping featuring the image of a man working at a factory lies on the book across the open page.  
Joanne Leonard
Fork-Making Machine and Russian Montage
Gift of the artist
Image of a brown mound with blue plumes emerging from it. There are small white figures on and around the mound. One figure is on a blue cask connected to the mound by a white pipe.
Brian Spolans
Mound with Distillery
2000 – 2016
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
Drawing of a figure's profile. The figure's back and clothing is black and white with the appearance of fur or feathers.
Artist Unknown
1950 – 2016
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
A still life of a colorful display of candy, some wrapped, some in a jar, and some loose on a white surface.
Roberto Bernardi
Gift of Bruce and Stephanie Germain Vinokour
A group of uniformed prisoners in a dining room. Some of the men are seated and eating while others are in line waiting to get their food.
Danny Lyon (American (North American))
Dining Room (Convict Pouring from Pitcher), from "Conversations with the Dead"
1968 – 2011
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
A man with his arms crossed, resting on the horizontal bar of a cell. There are other prisoners behind him.
Danny Lyon (American (North American))
Cell Block (face behind bars, other prisoners behind him), from "Conversations with the Dead"
1968 – 2011
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80
Two men inside a store looking out the window with three rows of bottles in front. "Alemagna" sign is on top of the window.
Duncan Hartley
Restaurant and Cafe in Little Italy
1975 – 2013
Gift of the artist
Black and white image of a restaurant window. There are figures in the window. "Caffe Reggio 119" in window.
Duncan Hartley
Caffe Reggio with Bust of Shakespeare Greenwich Village
1957 – 2015
Gift of the artist
One of five floral-shaped blocks. This element is in the shape of a flower with multiple petals.  
Polly Apfelbaum
Flower Patch
1975 – 2015
Gift of Leonard Rosenberg
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