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Torn strips of brightly-colored paper adhered to the backing in a grid pattern.
Romero Britto (Brazilian)
Gift of Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen
White glazed pot with a spherical shape. The underglaze is brown and creates a mottled pattern with the white overglaze.
J.T. Abernathy
Spherical Pot
1933 – 2015
Bequest of Robert C. Metcalf

J.T. Abernathy
1933 – 2018
Gift of Ellen Johnston Laing
A woman wearing a blue shirt beneath a white coat is in front of a window. Through the window, viewers can see a snowy landscape with a blue house and electrical wires. 
Annie Pootoogook;Inuit (Inuit (Canadian Arctic Native style);Canadian)
A Friend Visits
Museum purchase made possible by the Power Family Program for Inuit Art
Photograph of a small composition featuring three paper sculptures on the ground in front of a grass field with a fence in the background. The placement gives the appearances of a house and two other structures. 
Jennifer Wynne Reeves (American (North American))
1990 – 2014
Gift of the Jennifer Wynne Reeves Trust
This work is a series of thirteen photographs of a person in a closet.  The figure is dressed in a white t-shirt and makes various poses pulling the t-shirt over their body in different ways. Of the thirteen, one photograph is just the white t-shirt hanging in the closet and one is a photograph of the t-shirt on the floor; in both of these images the figure is absent.
Sarah Buckius (American (North American))
androgyforms (made from self & white t-shirt)
Gift of Ellen Wilt

Lisa Anne Auerbach
What's All This Talk About Dying for Revolution (Sweater)
2005 – 2009
Museum Purchase
Rubbing of limestone slab carved bas-relief with six registers.  The lower register depicts a chariot procession above fish-inhabited waters.  The central three registers depict figures carrying out funerary rites.  The top register shows a winged creature with a human face flanked by two writhing dragons and other animals, including two rabbits and a nine-tailed fox. <br />
Bo Yang
Rubbing of Journey of the Soul to the Paradise of the Queen Mother of the West (2000/2.1) - Front
Museum purchase made possible by the Katherine Tuck Enrichment Fund

Ryan McGinness
Hopeless Gifts to Official Culture
2000 – 20014
Museum purchase made possible by the Friends Acquisition Fund
Blue anodized aluminum with two laser-cut abstract shapes and orange, yellow, and white screen-printed designs based on the shape of the floorplan of the UM Duderstadt Center.
Sam Gilliam (American (North American))
Sample Anodized Aluminum with Screenprint
1996 – 2008
Transfer from the University of Michigan Art, Architecture and Engineering Libraries
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Two groups and extruding geometric shapes against a textured, grey-toned background. The top group consists of a circle with a triangle above it and four bars extending outward from the circle, creating a sunburst. The bottom group is made up of a lined circle with bars extending outward around the whole circle, also in the shape of a sunburst.
Gordon Newton (American (North American))
Gift of the Estate of Gordon Newton

Howard Bond (American (North American))
Pillar (Chapter House), Wells Cathedral
Gift of Howard and Margaret Bond