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Lisa Anne Auerbach
What's All This Talk About Dying for Revolution (Sweater)
2005 – 2009
Museum Purchase
A large sheet of rough cream colored paper with irregular edges and bits of pulp within the surface. On this sheet is an abstract form in the shape of a life size human body. This form is created by swirling, energetic black lines and fiberous black blots.
Michele Oka Doner (American (North American))
Given in honor fo former Director James Steward for his contribution to UMMA
A collage drawing with "Stakes is high" in large bubble letters at the top. The bottom of the drawing is a sparse cityscape and a figure wearing a purple skimask looking at the viewer.
Jakob Kolding
Stakes is high
Museum Purchase
White glazed pot with a spherical shape. The underglaze is brown and creates a mottled pattern with the white overglaze.
J.T. Abernathy
Spherical Pot
1933 – 2015
Bequest of Robert C. Metcalf

J.T. Abernathy
1933 – 2018
Gift of Ellen Johnston Laing
A woman wearing a blue shirt beneath a white coat is in front of a window. Through the window, viewers can see a snowy landscape with a blue house and electrical wires. 
Annie Pootoogook;Inuit (Inuit (Canadian Arctic Native style);Canadian)
A Friend Visits
Museum purchase made possible by the Power Family Program for Inuit Art
Torn strips of brightly-colored paper adhered to the backing in a grid pattern.
Romero Britto (Brazilian)
Gift of Robert M. and Lillian Montalto Bohlen

Ryan McGinness
Hopeless Gifts to Official Culture
2000 – 20014
Museum purchase made possible by the Friends Acquisition Fund
Blue anodized aluminum with two laser-cut abstract shapes and orange, yellow, and white screen-printed designs based on the shape of the floorplan of the UM Duderstadt Center.
Sam Gilliam (American (North American))
Sample Anodized Aluminum with Screenprint
1996 – 2008
Transfer from the University of Michigan Art, Architecture and Engineering Libraries
Rubbing of limestone slab carved bas-relief with six registers.  The lower register depicts a chariot procession above fish-inhabited waters.  The central three registers depict figures carrying out funerary rites.  The top register shows a winged creature with a human face flanked by two writhing dragons and other animals, including two rabbits and a nine-tailed fox. <br />
Bo Yang
Rubbing of Journey of the Soul to the Paradise of the Queen Mother of the West (2000/2.1) - Front
Museum purchase made possible by the Katherine Tuck Enrichment Fund
This work is a series of thirteen photographs of a person in a closet. &nbsp;The figure is dressed in a white t-shirt and makes various poses pulling the t-shirt over their body in different ways. Of the thirteen, one photograph is just the white t-shirt hanging in the closet and one is a photograph of the t-shirt on the floor; in both of these images the figure is absent.
Sarah Buckius (American (North American))
androgyforms (made from self & white t-shirt)
Gift of Ellen Wilt
A man leaning against a table talking to a woman wearing a white dress.
Danny Lyon (American (North American))
Ralph Allen taking an affidavit from Carolyn Daniels in Terrill County, from "Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement"
1962 – 2010
Gift of Thomas Wilson '79 and Jill Garling '80