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Cylindrical container with a detachable lid. The container and lid are painted black with black and gold bamboo designs on the exterior and gold splatters on the interior. 
Tamura Isshu
Tea Container and Lid
1990 – 2016
Museum purchase made possible by the Director's Acquisition Committee
Collage made of paint and pieces of colored paper with the lower two thirds in grid pattern. The primary colors are pink, red, and blue.
Jerry Lawrence
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence

Jerry Lawrence
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
Red and green geometric shapes over a dusty red and green background.
Harriet FeBland
Time Out
Gift of David and Nigel FeBland
White glazed pot with a spherical shape. The underglaze is brown and creates a mottled pattern with the white overglaze.
J.T. Abernathy
Spherical Pot
1933 – 2015
Bequest of Robert C. Metcalf
A dark image of a partially lit face and chest, the mouth gagged and eyes downward. In the background, a pair of hands are faintly visible, tucked into a belt.
Jack Levine (American (North American))
The Prisoner
1915 – 2010
Gift of Nicholas and Elena Delbanco
Black and white image of powerlines along a ditch.
Christopher Broughton (American (North American))
1975 – 2017
Gift of Glenn Rand

Mark Bressler
Very Very Cherries
Gift of the artist in honor of Bob and Lillian Bohlen

Jan-Henrik Andersen
#18 Supersymmetric up Quark Green with No Spin
Collection of the Life Sciences Institute, University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Museum of Art

Mark Bressler
Very Very Cherries
Gift of the artist in honor of Bob and Lillian Bohlen

Robert Davies
Late Evening, March, Hambledon, Buckingshire
Museum Purchase
This ovular box, although flat on the bottom, has a lid decorated with curved ridges and protrusions that arch across the surface. The entire exterior is speckled with tiny craters, breaking up the illusion of a perfectly smooth surface. The ash glaze decorates the lidded box with an earthy brown color. The glaz pools in the valleys of the lid and small craters throughout, creating areas of darker hue. The meeting of the lid and box body is not a straight line, but rugged.
Kôyama Kiyoko
Box with Lid
1995 – 2005
Gift of the artist
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