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Drawing of a nude, partial male figue reclining on its side.
Richard L. Sears
Untitled Nude
20th century
Gift of Dr. Peter Heydon
Carved mask with an elongated, protruding nose that extends to the bottom of the mask. The mouth is open with articulated teeth.
Baulé (Baule (culture))
Monkey Mask
20th century
Gift of Michael and Phyllis Courlander
Standing figure with one hand at its hip and the other at its chest. The facial features include an angular nose, slit mouth, and eyes made of glass beads. 
Standing Male Figure
1950 – 1999
Gift of Mary Paul and Bruce Stubbs in honor of Evan Maurer
Black and white image of a window with triangular cracks in the center. 
Carl Chiarenza
Bat Window, West End, Boston
1958 – 2009
Gift of the artist
A geometric sculpture with protruding cones across the surface.
William Tarr (American (North American))
Study for Gates of the Six Million
1975 – 1985
Bequest of Gertrude Kasle
A color photograph featuring an artichoke head in the center. The artichoke is mostly white and the rest of the image is blue.
Sheila Mae Pinkel (American (North American))
1978 – 1982
Gift of the artist
A color photograph featuring a plant form. There are two tall stems in dark blue and faint leaves coming off the stems. The background of the image is a pale blue.
Sheila Mae Pinkel (American (North American))
1978 – 1982
Gift of the artist
A color photograph featuring a spiral shell-shaped object in the center. Other curved lines in dark blue surround the central form. The photograph features hues of blue and white.
Sheila Mae Pinkel (American (North American))
1978 – 1982
Gift of the artist
A color photograph with hues of blue and white featuring many pea pods.
Sheila Mae Pinkel (American (North American))
1978 – 1982
Gift of the artist
Drawing of a man, woman, and child, each with Woody Allen's face.
Jerry Lawrence
American Moderne
1960 – 2014
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
Printed drawing of a multicolored boat with a canon shooting water and the text "PARODIA" in red lettering beneath the image.
Endi Poskovic
Toy Mobile with Splash/Parodia
1969 – 1999
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
Drawing of a figure's profile. The figure's back and clothing is black and white with the appearance of fur or feathers.
Artist Unknown
1950 – 2016
Bequest of Marion Lawrence
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