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This is a red cloth covered with geometric patterns and abstract forms in the shape of peacocks. The designs and peacocks are multicolored and depicted in a repetitive format with the birds arranged in five columns and nine rows.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Phulkari (woman's head covering) with peacock designs
1900 – 1949
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund

Jean Lurçat (French (culture or style))
Arlequin Jésuite
1892 – 1934
Museum Purchase

Carl Hofer
20th century
Gift of Jean Paul Slusser

Jean Lurçat (French (culture or style))
Arlequin Pédéraste
1892 – 1934
Museum Purchase
Two llamas are depicted in this print. One llama is on the left half of the composition, facing away from the viewer so that we only see its back. The second llama is in the right half of the composition, and is facing the right, so we see the side of its body. The llamas are depicted in mostly dark, rich lines. They are outlined in various line weights, and their bodies are filled in with curving, connected lines to depict fur.
Renée Sintenis
Two Llamas
1888 – 1934
Museum Purchase

Gordon Grant
Waiting for the Tide
20th century
Gift of Carl Fredric Clarke

Augustus John (British (modern))
Old McArthy
1878 – 1954
Bequest of Margaret Watson Parker

Carl Hofer
Three Heads
20th century
Museum Purchase

Carl Hofer
1878 – 1955
Museum Purchase

Alexander Archipenko (American (North American))
Three Nudes
1887 – 1957
Museum Purchase

Walter Richard Sickert
Ennui (medium plate)
1860 – 1942
Museum Purchase

Darrel Austin
Crouching Nude (recto); Crouching Figure (verso)
20th century
Gift of Mr. Robert H. Tannahill
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