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Ceramic head on a hollow cylinder with a fluted base. The figure's eyes and mouth are thin, while the nose is angular. The top of the head is covered in small protruding points. 
Akan (Akan (culture or style))
Commemorative Head
1850 – 1950
Gift of Michael and Phyllis Courlander
Female figure seated on a stool carved from a single piece of wood. The figure has horizontal marks on the chest and upper arms. The figure's head is long and thin with protruding features and carved 'hair' extending over the head and down the back of the neck. The figure's left arm has remnants of a cuff made of animal hide. The stool is four-legged and the back legs are carved figures. 
Dogon (Dogon (culture or style))
Female Figure
19th century
Gift of Michael and Phyllis Courlander
A sepia-toned image of two children and a larger, seated figure draped in a blanket. The smaller child is an infant that sits in the lap of the seated figure and the larger child stands to the infant's right with an arm on the seated figure's leg. 
Artist Unknown
1875 – 1899
Gift of David Chambers and John Crane
The bust of a young girl, with her hair swept back and held up high on the back of her head. She looks down and to her left, the viewer's right. 
French (French (culture or style))
Bust of a Young Girl
19th century
Gift of Nancy and Joseph Keithley
Otto Bacher
Poplars, Royal Gardens
late 1850s - late 1900s
Museum Purchase
This terracotta head with a striated neck is decorated with a pattern of raised knobs and two strings of multi-colored beads. The base of the neck is decorated with three rings of wavy lines. The face is somewhat flat and circular, tilting backwards slightly. There are three diagonal marks on each side of the open mouth. The eyes are almond shaped, framed by brows in the form of one curved line. The hairstyle is formed by four triangular projections. The oblong-shaped ears sit high on each side of the face. 
Akan (Akan (culture or style))
Commemorative Head
1700 – 1899
Gift of Dr. James and Vivian Curtis

Miniature of Lady Hamilton
1867 – 1899
Gift of Ann Edmunds Avery

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Leaf-shaped dish
19th century
Gift of Marybelle B. Hanna

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Medicine Bottle
1600 – 1899
Gift of Marybelle B. Hanna
Two-handled jar-shaped silver vessel with lid and a band of decoration around center of the body
Tiffany & Company
Sugar bowl with lid from a tea service
1880 – 1890
Gift of Andrew Nevil Wise, Class of 1988 and Jeremy Henshaw Wise, Class of 1990
Silver bowl-shaped vessel with dome-shaped lid
Tiffany & Company
Butter dish with lid from a tea service
1880 – 1890
Gift of Andrew Nevil Wise, Class of 1988 and Jeremy Henshaw Wise, Class of 1990

American;Artist Unknown (American (North American))
19th century
Gift of The Daniel and Harriet Fusfeld Folk Art Collection
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