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A wide, shallow stoneware bowl on a footring with an everted rim with articulation.  The exterior is carved with lotus petals and covered in a gray-green celadon glaze.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
14th century
Gift of Toshiko Ogita in memory of Tomoo Ogita

Iranian (Iranian)
Star-shaped tile with phoenix among clouds
1267 – 1366
Museum purchase

Lobed jar with lid
14th century
Transfer from the College of Architecture and Design
This orange/yellow iridescent decanter with a triangular-shapped stopper is pinched in the middle, dividing the vessel into several separate channels.
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Kuttrolf-like Decanter
1896 – 1900
University purchase 1930, transferred to the Museum of Art, 1972/2.221

Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Herdboy and Buffalo in the Moonlight
1200 – 1399
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund

Horse and Rider
1200 – 1399
Museum Purchase

MS Leaf: Excerpts from the Evangelists
1367 – 1399
Museum Purchase

Shiva stele (Khmer-Lopburi Style)
14th century
Gift of John Adams Thierry in memory of Louis Sidney Thierry

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Dragon head (finial for a staff or a piece of ceremonial furniture)
1200 – 1332
Museum purchase made possible by the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund
This porcelain, cone-shaped lid with wide flange is topped with a crane-shaped finial and four loop lugs. It is covered in a white glaze with a bluish green tinge.
Chinese (Chinese (culture or style))
Jar lid
1200 – 1399
Gift of Professor Walter M. and Nesta R. Spink

Indian (Indian (South Asian))
Uma, seated
1300 – 1499
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Leo S. Figiel
A yellow brownish glaze is applied and crackling covers the entire body.<br />
This bowl has straight wall. The exterior is carved with lotus petals. The below of the mouth is decorated with fret design. The foot is a little low.
<p>This is a cylindrical cup decorated with incised and raised design of lotus petals on the entire outer walls and is fretted on the outer rim. Overall, the cup is yellow-green in color and has three refractory spur marks. Many of the shards, excavated from sediment in the vicinity of Kiln no. 12 at Yucheon-ri, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, are also those of cylindrical cups similar in form to this one.<br />
[<em>Korean Collection, University of Michigan Museum of Art </em>(2014) p.123]<br />
Korean (Korean (culture or style))
Deep bowl with vertical sides and carved lotus petal design
1200 – 1399
Gift of Bruce and Inta Hasenkamp and Museum purchase made possible by Elder and Mrs. Sang-Yong Nam