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These ink sketches, on a portion of a larger sheet, depict different female heads, most ornamented with accessories. A study of a woman’s face in profile fills the upper left corner. Her hair is bound. A nearly frontal view of another woman’s face is at the center bottom of the sheet. She looks down to her left and wears a jeweled headpiece or crown. Three other smaller and more lightly sketched heads also appear on the sheet, two along the left edge and one on the right.
Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Untitled (Studies of Female Heads)
1630 – 1664
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
The minimally detailed sketch depicts fourteen men, many of whom are partially submerged in water. Some appear to ride horseback, and several brandish weapons such as swords and guns. The image is composed using ink wash over graphite, with blue ink accents.
Maximillian Luce
Soldiers Fording a Stream
1875 – 1941
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This graphite and watercolor drawing on paper contains thirteen slender trees on hilly, grassy terrain. There are multiple buildings in the background visible through the trees, many with red roofs.
Auguste Louis Lepère (French (culture or style))
Untitled (Au Marais)
1875 – 1918
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This hastily sketched ink drawing on paper features roughly modelled figures in a townsquare framed by buildings.  
Francesco Guardi
Sketch of a Piazza
1735 – 1793
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A bust-length study of a bearded man appears on one side of this sheet. His torso faces frontally, but his head is turned in 3/4 profile to his left. He wears a shirt with a collar and a hat with a plume. The reverse of the sheet is filled with approximately 12 small sketches of heads, faces, limbs, and full-length figures. A sketch of a radial star shaped decorative pattern is on the right edge. In the middle of the sheet is a basket of fruit and flowers and in the upper left there is a drawing of a figure rowing a boat in a landscape. 
Sheet of Studies with Male Portrait
17th century
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This drawing represents seven nude men in a landscape with buildings indicated on a hill in the distance. One of the figures, represented full-length and in profile, is bound to a tree or stake on the left. All of the other men appear in half-length in the right part of the drawing. A bearded man sits and gestures in the direction of the bound man. Five other men appear around the seated figure, one of whom carries two long objects over his shoulder toward the man on the left.
Polidoro da Caravaggio
Study of a Scene of Martyrdom or Punishment
1525 – 1575
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A sketch of a man kneeling over an unknown object. The drawing is simple; there is a horizon line about two-thirds up from the bottom of the paper with a figure of a man kneeling, his back towards the viewer, over an unidentified object. The man is wearing simple clothes and a hat, perhaps the clothes of a peasant or farmer, in which case the object could in fact be a piece of farming equipment.
Théodore Rousseau
Man Kneeling over an Object
1835 – 1867
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A sketch of a male nude from the side. His left arm is extended upwards as he looks down to his right. He appears to be sitting due to his bent stance, but there is no chair or bench drawn.
Salvator Rosa
Sketch of a Male Nude
1640 – 1673
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A light sketch drawing of a scene full of activity.  Towards the center of the piece is a pair of lovers in embrace.  All around them are nude figures, identified as children, playing by the water.  Some are fishing, others are in a boat, and the remainder are either swimming of reclining by the water's side.  Below these figures is a study drawing of a person's profile angled to the left, while above the scene is a more detailed study drawing of a young boy's head.
William Etty
A Scene with a Pair of Lovers and Children Playing by the Waterside
1800 – 1850
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This small watercolor represents a view of a city on the banks of a river. A bridge in the middle ground connects the city, whose buildings run to the water's edge. A woman wearing a bright white shirt with a blue dress and a brilliant red scarf stands in the foreground. A boat covered by a red-and-white striped canopy, poled by a man in the bow, approaches the near shore.
Samuel Prout (British (modern))
Untitled (Rimini with a View of the Tiberius Bridge)
1824 – 1852
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This small watercolor shows the view of an arch by a city waterfront. A wall closes off the left side of the street leading up to the arch, and creates a powerful sense of recession into space leading from the foreground to the monument in the middle distance. Scattered figures inhabit the street. Beyond the arch may be glimpsed the waters of a bay and a hill rising above the far shore.
Samuel Prout (British (modern))
Untitled (Ancona with a View of the Arch of Trajan)
1824 – 1852
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Three figures stand in a wooded clearing in the foreground of this small watercolor. A view opens out in the middle ground over a bay with a city descending from the adjacent hills to the water. A volcano smolders in the distance on the opposite side of the bay, a thick plume of smoke rising from its peak.
Samuel Prout (British (modern))
Untitled (Bay of Naples)
1824 – 1852
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection