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These ink sketches, on a portion of a larger sheet, depict different female heads, most ornamented with accessories. A study of a woman’s face in profile fills the upper left corner. Her hair is bound. A nearly frontal view of another woman’s face is at the center bottom of the sheet. She looks down to her left and wears a jeweled headpiece or crown. Three other smaller and more lightly sketched heads also appear on the sheet, two along the left edge and one on the right.
Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Untitled (Studies of Female Heads)
1630 – 1664
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This ink sketch on paper contains a woman in the upper center hunched over with a bundle on her back. The lower half contains two female figures with an obscured female profile in between. On the left is a half-length figure of a woman seen from the back wearing a dress. In the center is the head of a woman in profile wearing a headscarf. On the right is a woman, drawn to her hemline, standing in three-quarters profile facing right, wearing a heavy robe.<br />
The reverse has a sketch of a young male turning to face slightly backward with left arm upraised.
Stefano della Bella (Italian (culture or style))
Untitled (Sketch of a Woman Carrying a Bundle and Female Figures)
1630 – 1664
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
Three figures stand in a wooded clearing in the foreground of this small watercolor. A view opens out in the middle ground over a bay with a city descending from the adjacent hills to the water. A volcano smolders in the distance on the opposite side of the bay, a thick plume of smoke rising from its peak.
Samuel Prout (British (modern))
Untitled (Bay of Naples)
1824 – 1852
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A sketch of a woman in an evening dress. Her face and mouth are drawn in a way to suggest the action of singing. In her right hand she is holding her gown; she is leaning forward and appears to be advancing forward, as during a performance.
Constantin Guys
A Woman in an Evening Dress, Singing
1825 – 1892
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A watercolor painting of a sunset scene in a woodland river area. In the foreground the river is tinted orange from the sunset reflection. A man sits in his boat facing the bends of the river that lead to the homes located further back. The winding riverbanks are lined with tall trees. The sky above is cloudy, but pockets of a light-blue sky are visible.
John Varley I
A Sunset Landscape by a River
1800 – 1875
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
An ink drawing of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.  Around the cross are three male saints, one of whom is identified as Saint Bartholomew.  All three look up at Jesus while one kneels on the ground, holding with his left hand the bottom of the cross.  In the distant background are buildings of a city.
Domenico Campagnola
Crucifixion with Saint Bartholomew and Two Male Saints
1525 – 1564
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This hastily sketched ink drawing on paper features roughly modelled figures in a townsquare framed by buildings.  
Francesco Guardi
Sketch of a Piazza
1735 – 1793
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This graphite and watercolor drawing on paper contains thirteen slender trees on hilly, grassy terrain. There are multiple buildings in the background visible through the trees, many with red roofs.
Auguste Louis Lepère (French (culture or style))
Untitled (Au Marais)
1875 – 1918
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
On the recto is a landscape-orientation sketch in red chalk of a figure in prayer. The drawing is composed of just the model's torso, from shoulders to hip. The figure's arms are slightly outstreched with palms together in prayer.<br />
On the verso is a portrait-orientation sketch in red chalk of a male nude, heightened in white. The figure is shown on his knees with legs just past shoulder-distance apart; the figure leans backwards, his chin raised and head titled away from the viewer. His left arm is stretched above his head and reaches right; the right arm extends straight out to the right, ending at the elbow. Below the man is a study of a leg bending at the knee.<br />
Carlo Maratta
Study of the Hands and Torso of a Praying Figure; Study of a Male Nude and a Leg
1650 – 1725
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
This is an ink drawing of a woman in an arched niche or at a window; she emerges from a shadowy background, and her arms are possibly crossed, or alternately her right arm is bent parallel to the picture plane, while her left arm appears to dangle (or dangle something) over the ledge. She wears a cap, and her gaze appears lowered. The image of the woman is surrounded by a marbled broder.
Rembrandt van Rijn
Woman at a Window
1625 – 1700
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A sketch of a male nude from the side. His left arm is extended upwards as he looks down to his right. He appears to be sitting due to his bent stance, but there is no chair or bench drawn.
Salvator Rosa
Sketch of a Male Nude
1640 – 1673
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
A study of a partial section of a gnarled, twisting tree trunk done in blue crayon. 
Ker-Xavier Roussel (French (culture or style))
Study of a Tree Trunk
1880 – 1944
Joseph F. McCrindle Collection
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