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In this print, a man pulls his chin downward and looks forward against a plain background.  He wears a lightly patterned white robe underneath black and gold.  The hilt of a sword is visible at his waist.  His hair is pulled up into a tight topknot.<br />
 <br />
Inscriptions: Artist’s signature: Masamitsu; unidentified publisher’s seal; Title: Shōwa butai sugata sono ni, Moritsuna, Kyūdaime, Ichikawa Ebizō
Masamitsu Ota
Actor Ichikawa Ebizo as Moritsuna
Gift of Stuart Katz
This print shows a man wearing a bright blue robe. There are white circles on each shoulder. He holds something brown in his right hand. The background is red, and a green band with white crests borders the entire print.<br />
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Inscriptions: Meiji 6 tori nen; Toyohara Kunichika-hitsu; Katkiuchi chikai no Hikosan; Keyamura Rokusuke, Nakamura Shikan;
Toyohara Kunichika (Japanese (culture or style))
Promise of Revenge at Hikosan: Nakamura Shikan IV as Keyamura Rokusuke
Gift of Stuart Katz

Utagawa Toyokuni I (Japanese (culture or style))
Bando Hikozaburo
1805 – 1815
Gift of Stuart Katz
A hanging scroll with loose brush strokes outlining a bird in the branches of a tree. &nbsp;There are Japanese characters in the upper left corner, and a red seal in the lower right corner.
Okuhara Seiko
Cranes in Pine Tree
1850 – 1899
Gift of Stuart Katz
In this print, a man in an ornate coat and armor looks off to his right.  His hand rests on the pommel of a sword.  The background is gray.  A cartouche above him contains cursive script against a blue, white, and red background, and a label on the upper left gives the name of the print series: <em>kokin yūjinki </em>(Record of Heroes Past and Present).<br /><br />
Publisher's seal: Kawane; Signature: Hirosada<br /><br />
Utagawa Hirosada (Japanese (culture or style))
Record of Heroes Past and Present: Kataoka Gadō II as Washino'o Saburō
1847 – 1964
Gift of Stuart Katz

Utagawa Hirosada (Japanese (culture or style))
Actor in a Role, from "Chuko Buyuden"
Gift of Stuart Katz
This is a portrait of a warrior. He wears elaborately decorated armor and a horned helmet. A purple chord is tied over his chin. In his right hand he holds a metal weapon. A purple border with white crests is printed along the side and top edges.<br /><br />
Inscriptions: Meiji 6 tori nen; Toyohara Kunichika-hitsu; Kiyomasa daijin araki no ryūzō; Satō Masakiyo, Nakamura Shikan
Toyohara Kunichika (Japanese (culture or style))
Rough Wooden Statue of Minister Seishō: Nakamura Shikan IV as the Warrior Satō Kiyomasa
Gift of Stuart Katz

Natori Shunsen
Actor Bando Jusaburo as Yuranosuke in the "Chusingura"
Gift of Stuart Katz
There are trees scattered around on a mountain. Further in the distance, there is another mountain peak rising from the mist. In the top left corner of the hanging scroll, there is an inscription and a seal.
Nakanishi Kōseki
Spring Landscape
Gift of Stuart Katz
Color woodblock print of a kabuki actor on gray mica ground.  Actor appears to be playing the role of a samurai, with his hair in a top-knot, a family crest on the arm of his kimono, and a sword complete with scabbard ornament.  His head tilts downward seriously as his hand reaches to unsheath his sword.
Ueno Tadamasa
Unidentified Kabuki Actor as Sword-face
1935 – 1945
Gift of Stuart Katz