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This is a square shaped print in tones of white, beige and brown. It shows a lacy floral pattern with white dots that resemble pearls.
Julia Jacquette
Small White Square (Wedding Dress)
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This is a horizontal print with black, pink and green colors on a white background. There are pink and green rings covering the lower portion of the work. Over these are black lines that connect some of these rings and a group of five black circles filled with squiggly lines.
Jonathan Lasker
Ball Figures I
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This print depicts three black forms, in the shape of feathered wings, over a cream background with gray block lettering. The tips of the feathers have active brush strokes that give the appearance that they are moving in a circular, clockwise direction in the center of the print.
Gary Simmons
Tri Wing Spin
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
A purple and black lithograph of two people.
Fritz Scholder
Third Dream
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This is a colorful abstract print with geometric shapes in blue, yellow, green and red outlined in black. There are also three white areas with black line drawings that depict a plant in a flower pot and two cypress trees in the bottom section and a landscape with mountains and a yellow moon in the upper right portion.
Italo Scanga
Moon Over Cypress
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
A purple, green, and black lithograph with hieroglyphs at the top.
Fritz Scholder
First Mystery
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller