6 UMMA Objects
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A purple and black lithograph of two people.
Fritz Scholder
Third Dream
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This is a square shaped print in tones of white, beige and brown. It shows a lacy floral pattern with white dots that resemble pearls.
Julia Jacquette
Small White Square (Wedding Dress)
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This is a horizontal print with black, pink and green colors on a white background. There are pink and green rings covering the lower portion of the work. Over these are black lines that connect some of these rings and a group of five black circles filled with squiggly lines.
Jonathan Lasker
Ball Figures I
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This is a colorful abstract print with geometric shapes in blue, yellow, green and red outlined in black. There are also three white areas with black line drawings that depict a plant in a flower pot and two cypress trees in the bottom section and a landscape with mountains and a yellow moon in the upper right portion.
Italo Scanga
Moon Over Cypress
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
A purple, green, and black lithograph with hieroglyphs at the top.
Fritz Scholder
First Mystery
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller
This print depicts three black forms, in the shape of feathered wings, over a cream background with gray block lettering. The tips of the feathers have active brush strokes that give the appearance that they are moving in a circular, clockwise direction in the center of the print.
Gary Simmons
Tri Wing Spin
Gift of Robert and Janet Miller