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A miniature, cast bronze sculpture of Kubera, the god of wealth, seated sideways on a lion. Kubera sits in the lalitasana pose (the pose of royal ease, with one leg drawn up and the other relaxed); his right hand is outstretched to rest on the knee, while his left arm is akimbo and his hand rests on his hip. The base has a simple, single lotus petal design.
Kubera, god of wealth, seated on a lion
15th century
Gift of Michele Caplan
A molded and incised relief sculpture of four seated Buddhas, on a dais with floral rosette motifs.
Khmer (Khmer (general))
Four seated Buddhas, in dhyana mudra
12th century
Gift of Michele Caplan
The two-handed figure stands in relaxed posture on a base consisting of square and round forms.  At the bottom of each shape stylized lotus petals are incised.  His right hand is extended outwards and would have been holding an arrow and he left arm is extended up to his die to hold a bow.  He wears much of jewelry including anklets bracelets, armlets, necklace and shoulder loops, belts with pendant elements and a sacred thread reaching just below his waist.  He wears a lower garment with incised lines delineating the folds and sections that flare out to either side.  He wears an elaborate crown.  One element extends over his right shoulder, which may either be part of his quiver of arrows or a broken section of a halo. He wears a conical headdress incised with a worn pattern.  His face is sharply stylized with a long straight nose and wide, open eyes.<br />
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
14th century
Gift of Michele Caplan

Kubera, god of wealth, seated in lalitasana on double lotus dais
10th century
Gift of Michele Caplan
A bronze image of a dancing figure, cast in the cire perdue (lost wax) technique in one piece with its lotus-petal base.
15th century
Gift of Michele Caplan