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A finely potted stoneware beaker with a rounded bottom and a lightly incised, freely drawn leaf scroll spreading across the widest part of the body, flanked by incised double horizontal lines, all covered evenly with an yellow green glaze. Four spur markes inside.
Annam;Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Beaker with incised leaf scroll pattern
16th century
Gift of Helmut Stern
A nearly flat, large, shallow stoneware dish, the interior with a delicately incised floral scroll pattern, and the upturmed rim adorned with robustly modelled lotus petals, all on a broad and secure foot.
Annam;Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Shallow dish with incised floral medallions and molded lotus petals
16th century
Gift of Helmut Stern
Idaten is depicted here, fierce, standing on clouds.  His garments blow in the breeze, and a halo showing his power and godliness encircles his head.
Yamawaki Tōki
The Deva Idaten
1800 – 1839
Gift of Helmut Stern
There is a river with three ships sailing in it and mountains in the background. The painting is inscribed, dated, signed, and sealed in the upper left corner.
Ikeda Unshō
River Landscape
Gift of Helmut Stern
A finely potted deep stoneware beaker with a rounded bottom and a mottled, dark green glaze. The attractive glaze effect is achieved by applying small dots of a wax over the entire surface of the vessel, and then pouring the glaze from the top down. Unglazed ring interior is the result from a clay ring to separate one pot from another in firing.
Annam;Kiln Unknown, Vietnam
Beaker with mottled green drip glaze
16th century
Gift of Helmut Stern
Black ink painting of bamboo shoots around rocks. Writing located in the lower left side of the painting.
Nakabayashi Chikutō
Bamboo and Rocks
Gift of Helmut Stern

Yamamoto Baiitsu (Japanese (culture or style))
Spring landscape with willow trees and houses by a shore
1810 – 1856
Gift of Helmut Stern
This is a hanging scroll that includes three caligraphic inscriptions at the top, and depicts three figures. The caligraphy is inscribed on three squares of colored paper (red, white and green) decorated with an abstracted pattern of clouds painted in gold. The figure at the top of of the composition is a woman dressed in bright, patterned robes. She is seated behind a curtain that separates her from the two men in the lower half of the painting. The man closest to her appears older, and is seated by a box holding brushes and other tools for calipgraphy, and holds a brush and sheaf of paper. The third figure is seated in the lower left corner of the painting, and, like the other figures, wears voluminous robes, although his are less ornately patterend. In the bottom right corner of the painting is the artist's signature and red seal.
Arai Seihô
Three Poets (including Hitomaro and Saigû Nyôgo), with Poetic Inscriptions
1833 – 1866
Gift of Helmut Stern
There is a single peony flower with leaves. In the upper left corner is a signature and seal.
Asai Ryūto
1870 – 1907
Gift of Helmut Stern
On the left side of the hanging scroll, there are two eggplants. On the right side of the hanging scroll, there is a poem. There is also a signature and seal by the artist. Surrounding the paper on the hanging scroll is a gold border with a swirl pattern, then a larger blue border with a flower pattern, then a larger solid brown color.
Itō Jakuchū
Three Eggplants and a Poem
760 – 1800
Gift of Helmut Stern

Paul Klee (Swiss)
Head of a Mountain Cow
Gift of Helmut Stern
The top third of the landscape image is the sky with two tower-structures silhouetted on the far right side.  There is a structure in the middle of the image with a bridge connecting the cliffs.  The bottom right corner of the image is darker and more blue than the rest.
Joseph Mallord William Turner (British (modern))
Gift of Helmut Stern