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Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French (culture or style))
Girls on the Beach
1841 – 1919
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs

Raphael Soyer
Woman with Plant
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs
A courtly gentleman sits on a cushion, within a garden pavilion. The man smokes his hookah. A number of female attendants look after him. One (who could also be his lover) holds a tray with objects/ utensils; another a peacock feather to fan the couple; the third a fan. The man holds a tray with cups/ chalices. Of the two attendants shown in the bottom portion, one plays a stringed instrument, and another with ducks. A fountain is shown in the foreground.
Indian (Indian (South Asian))
In a Garden
20th century
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs
Two women are shown standing near a group of deer in a forest. One plays a stringed instrument while the other feeds leaves to one of the deer close by. A lotus pond is shown towards the bottom portion of the image.
Artist Unknown, India, Punjab Hills, Kangra School
Court Ladies and Deer
1965 – 1975
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs

Harry McCormick
Joel with Guitar
1962 – 1981
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs

Marc Chagall (Belorussian (culture or style))
La Visite par la Fenêtre, from 'Maternité'
1925 – 1926
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs
In this contemporary miniature, Lord Krishna is shown embracing his lover Radha. A number of adoring attendants watch the scene gleefully. Some sit, others stand, some hold garlands, whereas others look on in contemplation. A pool and fountain are depicted in the foreground, and a white colored palace forms the backdrop of the scene. The setting seems to be an open-air garden or forest-like environment.
Artist Unknown, India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh School
Krishna Presenting a Gem to Radha
1965 – 1975
Gift of Harry and Rose Jacobs