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Vessel is a tall vase with a flaring lip and a slight flaring at the base.  The overall glaze is a blue matte "vellum" glaze with underglaze decoration depicting a band of white peonies below the lip.  The lip itself modulates to a rosy pink color.
Rookwood Pottery
Gift of G. Robina Quale-Leach
Vase has a rounded form and a matte green glaze.  Molded and incised designs include a stylized peacock feather and zig-zag decoration on shoulder of vessel.  Overall effect is of a simplified and sophisticated form.
Rookwood Pottery
Bowl with Peacock Design
Gift of G. Robina Quale-Leach

Japanese (Japanese (culture or style))
Imari Ware Small Bowl with Interior Floral Pattern, Exterior Landscape
20th century
Gift of G. Robina Quale-Leach