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A reduction featuring the raised image of a woman and man sitting at a table. The woman leans on the table and the man reads a paper.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens (American (North American))
Mildred and William Dean Howells
1897 – 1898
Gift of John H. Dryfhout (Rackham, 1966) in honor of the University's 200th Anniversary

Hans Baluschek (German (culture or style))
Die Eisenbahn / No. 6, !Halt!
Gift of Drs. Valerie Askanas and W. King Engel in honor of Charlotte Hornik
Interior of Colosseum ruins with a group of figures in the foreground. Several groupings of figures are scattered throughout.
Luigi Rossini (undetermined (information indicator))
Interior of Colosseum
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth
Image of men with donkeys and luggage with ruins in the background.
David Roberts (British (modern))
Ruins of the Church of St. Jean de Sebaste
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth
The interior of the Pantheon with four small figures in the foreground.
Luigi Rossini (undetermined (information indicator))
View of the Portico, Entranceway to the Pantheon, Rome
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth
Image of the ruins of Egyptian statues with small figures climbing on them.
David Roberts (British (modern))
Gift of George H. Forsyth and Ilene H. Forsyth
A purple flower blooming beside rocks with ships in the background.
Robert Thornton
The American Cowslip (Dodecatheon)
Gift of Ellen Johnston Laing

1830 – 1840
Gift of William Goodship
The bust of a young girl, with her hair swept back and held up high on the back of her head. She looks down and to her left, the viewer's right. 
French (French (culture or style))
Bust of a Young Girl
19th century
Gift of Nancy and Joseph Keithley
A framed watercolor depicting a single branch extending from the bottom to the top of the paper with three flowers and three leaves. 
Gynandria Pentandria
1750 – 1800
Gift of Nancy and Joseph Keithley
Watercolor and pencil drawing depicting two short-haired children wearing dresses standing outdoors with a tall tree in the background. 
Children and Doves
1769 – 1821
Gift of Nancy and Joseph Keithley
A woman in a red and blue dress is sitting in a woodland setting with a baby on her lap. The baby is holding a paper envelope (or a folded note), while her right hand is outstretched. Another small child crouches at her side. He holds a cross in his left hand, and pets a lamb with his right hand. 
Carlo Maratti
Madonna and Child
17th century
Gift of Andrew Nagy
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